How to Prepare your Child for the Oxford Classics Interview Question

How can I prepare my child for their interview at Oxford Classics? Is your child applying to Oxford to study Classics? I’m sure you feel very proud of him, but also very nervous. This article will break down the style of a Classics interview with a guide to the types of Oxford Classics interview questions that may come up.

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Is Oxbridge Interview Coaching The Way Forward?

Should you get Oxbridge Interview coaching? This article explores the value of receiving support for your upcoming Oxbridge Interviews. We’ll look at what coaching involves and how it can increase your chances of gaining an Oxbridge offer.

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Oxford University Interview Dates 2018

WHAT ARE THE INTERVIEW DATES FOR OXFORD UNIVERSITY 2018? Oxford University interview dates 2018 depend on the course your child is applying for. Due to the large number of course combinations on offer, it can be difficult to find out when your child is due to attend an interview.

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