The PPE Guide: Politics

The Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) course is a well-rounded course that will allow you to study three different subjects at the same time. It is commonly associated with politics. In fact, many universities will have a quite flexible approach to PPE, and you’ll find yourself being able to choose how much attention you dedicate to each subject.

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What is Economics and Management at Oxford Like?

Thinking about studying Economics and Management at Oxford university? In this series, we asked current and past students about their experience. This particular article is all about the Economics and Management course, courtesy of Gideon – a first year student.

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What Is A PPE Course?

What is a PPE course? Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) is an ambitious and quite popular course offered by only a few universities in the UK. To study PPE is to become aware of all social, economic, political and philosophical factors. In this article are the important points to remember before applying for PPE. You have the questions, we have the answers.

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Understanding A-Level Essay Questions

Are you confused about the different types of essay questions and unsure what the examiners are looking for? There is nothing worse than spending 45 minutes writing an incredible essay that does not answer the exam question. This is a common mistake examiners see every year when marking student’s exam papers, don’t be one of them.

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How to Revise for A-levels Over Easter

How do I use the Easter Holidays effectively for A-level revision? The Easter Holidays are a great opportunity for uninterrupted A-level exam preparation. We have outlined how you should use your Easter Holidays to revise for A-levels, including planning, staying healthy, perfecting your notes and tackling past papers.

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How To Revise Effectively: The Ultimate Guide

How to review effectively: The ultimate guide. The run-up to an exam is a pretty stressful time, especially if you need certain grades to get into your favourite university. And while it’s not usually fun, revision is the only way to get the grades you deserve. To help you perfect your own revision approach, we’ve put together this definitive guide offering top tips.

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