Imperial BMAT Cut-Off: How do they use your BMAT score?

How universities use the BMAT: Explanation of Imperial College’s BMAT cutoff. The BMAT is used differently at each UK university. For example, Imperial’s BMAT cut-off mark will be slightly different to Cambridge. We recommend that you take the time to understand how the exam is assessed at your chosen medical school.

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Oxford Or Cambridge University For Law – Which Is Better?

Oxford University and Cambridge University, but which university is better? Oxford and Cambridge are famous for having law schools with world-class legal experts as teaching staff. Both universities are ranked second and third in the world rankings of law and legal studies universities. We have put together a comprehensive guide that takes you through the different aspects of the two universities.

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How To Choose The Right Degree | UniAdmissions Guide

With over 50,000 university degrees to choose from in the UK, how do you choose the right degree? We’ll focus now on helping you make your degree decision. Choosing the right degree is an incredibly important decision. We’ve put together the main considerations you need to take into account when deciding on your degree.

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What Are The 6 Essential Skills For University Students?

During your time at university, you will develop valuable transferable study skills that will support your learning, testing and future career. Attending university is an exciting time, you will increase your academic skills. You will develop skills during your time at university, which will make the transition from school to higher education much smoother.

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How To Choose The Right University | UniAdmissions Guide

With over 100 universities to choose from in the UK, how do you make the right choice? At this stage of your application, you probably know the subject you want to study, or at least the major (if you don’t, we’ll get to that later). The next step is to determine the university you would like to study at.

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How Do I Prepare For A University Open Day?

The trick to a successful university open day is effective preparation. Preparation is key to getting the most out of your university open day, especially if you start early. So we’ve put together some useful tips and information to help you get the most out of your university open day.

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