[Day In The Life] Cambridge Economics Student

If you’re looking to apply to Cambridge to study Economics, this article will give you an insight into your daily life at university. This article is written by Sanchit who studies Economics at Christ’s College, Cambridge. He is in his third year and plans to go into management consultation once he graduates.

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Womens Day Event 5th September

Studying at university is often a big culture shock for students, along with a multitude of other shocks to the system. You’ve left home. You’ve started doing independent research. It’s the first time you’ve worked with your tutors. It can be difficult to have the confidence to support yourself, but it’s not impossible.

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Fresher Life as a Medical Student at Oxford

Starting your medical studies at Oxford can be a shock to the system. University life is, in general, very different from A levels and pre-university study. So here’s an insight into what to expect when it comes to starting your life at Oxford University!

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Considerations Before Applying To Oxbridge | UniAdmissions Guide

Is Oxbridge really for me? We explain what Oxbridge applicants are exposed to before making the big decision. Oxford and Cambridge universities have an impressive reputation, and many academically able students feel they should apply. We’ve put together a short guide to help you decide if Oxbridge is for you.

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