A-Level Booster Programme

Once you’ve got your offer for Oxford or Cambridge, you’re at the final hurdle – achieving your A-Level offer grades. Our A-Level booster courses for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Further Maths & Economics will help you ensure you hit your grades and are able to accept your dream offer at Oxbridge.

Available For All STEM Subjects

Our A-Level booster courses will cover all STEM subjects such as the Sciences and Maths.

Courses Will Run For 5 Weeks

The courses run for 2 hours per week per subject. This schedule will run for 5 weeks.

Flexible Course Options

You can choose between support for 1 subject (£300) or 3+ subjects (up to 6 for £500).

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This is the schedule for when each session will run:

What Are The A-Level Booster Programmes?

UniAdmissions’ A-Level booster Programme cover all STEM subjects over the course of five weeks. Each subject will have two hours of teaching per week.

These sessions will run for five weeks in total for the following subjects:

All Major Exam Boards Catered For:


What will the sessions be like?

Each session is 2 hours long and led by an expert tutor who has experience tutoring A-Level students for their particular subject. The courses are held live on Zoom, so you can ask any questions you may have to improve your understanding about a topic. Each session will also be recorded and sent out to you so that you won’t miss a thing.

In total, you will receive 10 hours of group teaching for each subject that you choose to get support for.

2 Hours Per Day

You'll have two hours of teaching per week per subject in a group setting.

Interactive Sessions

Each session will be interactive to help fully solidify your understanding.

Running From 6PM - 8PM GMT

Each course will run from 6PM to 8PM (2 hours) GMT - the date will vary.

Biology Session 1

Bio Molecules

Chemistry Session 1
Inorganic chemistry

Electronic structure and types of bonding

Physics Session 1
Introduction to physics


Maths Session 1
Sequences And Series

Algebraic Functions

Further Maths Session 1
Complex Numbers

Polar Coordinates
Economics Session 1
Perfect Competition

Imperfectly Competitive Markets And Monopoly

The Labour Market

Market Structures and Revenues

Costs And Profits

A-level Programme Pricing

You can see a simple outline of the pricing of these courses below. Upon purchasing your preferred option, you will be asked which subject streams you would like access to.

One-Time Fee.
1 x Subject Per Week

You may choose any 1 subject.

One-Time Fee.
3 Or More Subjects Per Week

You may choose 3 to 6 subjects to get support for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These A-Level Booster Programme is aimed at students who have recieved offers from universities, and the last step is to achieve their grades.

Since most courses at Oxford or Cambridge require top marks in STEM A-Levels, these courses are aimed at students who are holding these offers.

Once you have made your payment, you will be sent a form which will ask you which subject(s) you would like support for. You will then be given Zoom links for your courses, along with a schedule – this will be the same as the schedule presented on this page.

All tutors are either current senior students, recent graduates or from a professional background. We have hand-picked tutors to run these A-Level courses so you can rest assured that you will be getting high quality group tuition.

Firstly, you choose to either get support for 1 subject (£300) or 3 or more subjects (£500 – this is a static cost so will not change if you choose 3 or 6 subjects).

Once you have chosen, you’ll be sent a form which you will need to fill out and let us know which subject(s) you are looking for support with.

Once confirmed, you’ll have a 2 hour session per week, per subject you have picked. This will run for 5 weeks.

We appreciate it can be difficult to ensure you attend every session. To make things easier, we will be sending out course recordings after each session so you can catch up on anything you may have missed.

Of course, we would always recommend attending live so that you can ask questions and work more closely with your tutor.

We aim to cover the syllabus for all major exam boards in the UK – these are OCR, AQA and Edexel.

These courses are delivered online through Zoom. You will be sent a Zoom link for each of your subjects.

You can see the schedule by clicking here.