What is a good score on the NSAA Cambridge?

If you are applying to study Natural Sciences at Cambridge, you will soon be sitting the NSAA, or Natural Sciences Admissions Assessment, but what makes a good NSAA score? While the format of the test itself may have changed, the skills and aptitudes it tests, and the qualities that admissions tutors look for in Natural Sciences students at Cambridge, have not.


How to prepare for Biology NSAA

So you want to study Natural Sciences at Cambridge, but how do you start preparing for the NSAA exam? With the amount of competition for places at Cambridge, the NSAA (Natural Sciences Admissions Assessment) can be a crucial part of any student’s application and can be the final determinant of whether or not they receive an offer.


NSAA Results and Scoring

The NSAA score is similar to the BMAT or UKCAT in some respects. Section 1 is the only score that can be viewed because the answers are either correct or incorrect, which allows a definitive score to be obtained. We have found some information that may be useful to show the overall score of previous candidates in the different sections.