4 Skype Mock Oxbridge Interviews

Your Oxbridge Interview is the final barrier to getting that all important offer. Its your opportunity to show your academic abilities and enthusiasm for your chosen subject! Our Mock Oxbridge Interviews Package is the best way to get focused feedback on your interview performance – you get 4 x 60 Minute Subject-Specific Mock Interviews with 4 different tutors with full written feedback.

Ongoing Support

Access to your expert tutor till the day of your interview so you’re never alone or stuck

Experienced Oxbridge tutors dedicated to perfecting your interview technique

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The Ultimate Oxbridge Interview Guide is a 300+ page book with first hand advice from expert tutors and over 900 past Oxbridge interview questions

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Full Written Feedback

Detailed written feedback so you can identify and focus on the areas that you need to improve

Mock Interviews

4 x Full Mock Practice interviews so that you can put the skills you’ve learned in action

Full Flexibility

Schedule your mock interviews when it is convenient for you. 4 Hours back-to-back or 4 interviews on different days

Recent Examples

Recent Students' Interview Plans

oxbridge interviews student

Callum - Applying to read Medicine at Clare College, Cambridge

Callum applied to read Medicine at Clare College, Cambridge in 2016. He started preparing with UniAdmissions in early November (as soon as he finished studying for the BMAT). This gave him enough time to work through the online resources and then arrange his 4 mock interviews a few days, ensuring optimal preparation.

Callum went on to get offers from Cambridge, UCL, Imperial and Cardiff and is now a medical student at Cambridge.

Jonas Imperial Medicine TutorJonas Imperial Medicine Tutor

Interview 1 - Scientific

Callum is interviewed by Jonas who is a Doctor that recently graduated from Cambridge. Jonas presents Callum with scientific questions, stretching his current A-level knowledge and applying his understanding to novel situations in order to answer a tricky question (Why does radiotherapy work?). Jonas helps Callum through the problem, giving tips on thinking logically through unfamiliar scientific problems and situations for the future.


Interview 2 - Situational Questions and Motivation

Callum’s second interview is with Millie who is a final year medical student at Cambridge. She tests Callum on a variety of situational questions and probes into his reasons for studying medicine. Callum has to think on his feet to answer challenging questions like “Why aren’t you applying for sciences if you like science so much?” After the interview, Millie goes through how to avoid falling into common traps and the basic principles to apply in a variety of situations.

zenab Medicine Cambridge Tutorzenab Medicine Cambridge Tutor

Interview 3 - Ethics Questions

Callum’s third mock interview is with Zenab who is a Cambridge graduate now a practicing doctor. Since Callum already had a good theoretical knowledge of medical ethics, she probes him on more uncomfortable territory (“When is okay to kill a patient?”) to illustrate the wide range of ethical questions that can arise. After the interview, Zenab helps Callum formulate a fool-proof framwork for answering ethics questions and common dilemmas.

Heather Medicine Cambridge TutorHeather Medicine Cambridge Tutor

Interview 4 - MMI Style

With MMIs now increasingly popular, Heather helps Callum with Cardiff MMI interview. Heather splits the 60 minute session into several smaller segments and conducts short 5-8 minute mock interviews focussing on multiple varied topics that test Callum in lots of different situations (e.g. Tell Mr Smith he has 3 months to live). After the mock interviews, Callum gets to consolidate knowledge that he’s worked on over the last month to ensure he’s ready for his set of real interviews.

BMAT course testimonialBMAT course testimonial

Leila - Applying to read PPE at Oxford

Leila applied to read PPE at Oxford University in 2015. She wanted a more intense preparation period and so started preparations with UniAdmissions 2 weeks before her interview day.

She got 3 offers from Oxford, Durham and UCL and is now a 2nd year at Oxford.

Charlie M-SCharlie M-S

Interview 1 - Politics

Leila’s  the first session was an interview on Politics designed to highlight strengths and weaknesses.  Charlie who is an Oxford PPE graduate undertook the first interview session. Following the mock interview, Charlie was then able to give specific feedback and allow us to tailor the subsequent interviews on topics that would give Leila the most benefit.

Isaac VirchisIsaac Virchis

Interview 2 - Philosophy

Isaac- who is one of our TSA/PPE lead tutors – presented Leila with content from the first year of the PPE syllabus to see how she applied her A-level knowledge to tackle information just beyond her curriculum. She was given tips and tricks for the best way to approach these questions and how best to work with the interviewer to reach her conclusions.

David CoatesDavid Coates

Interview 3 - Economics

In this session Leila was interviewed on Economics, World trends and some difficult advances maths questions relating to these by David who is a 3rd year PPE student at Oxford.DAvid pushed Leila’s limits of reasoning and argument and was able to give some advice regarding further reading and mathematical concepts.

Richard NgRichard Ng

Interview 4 - Personal Statement

Leila’s personal statement was scrutinised by Richard. who graduated in 2016.  Richard was able to pin point areas of her statement that Leila was comfortable with and not, giving her an opportunity to apply the skills she’d been working on over the last fortnight.


Common Questions

  • ``What materials and resources do you provide?``

    You’ll get a copy of our exclusive Oxbridge interviews guide for your subject that contains over 900 previously asked Oxbridge interview questions and  is packed with powerful strategies and techniques to help you speed up.

  • ``Where are the interviews held?``

    Usually in a location that’s convenient for you and your tutor in Central London, Cambridge or Oxford. If you’re in zones 1-2 London, it may be possible to have the sessions at your house also. If you’re not near these locations, we can arrange mock interviews via Skype.

  • ``What times can I book the interviews for?``

    Our tutors work at any time that is convenient for you including weekends and evenings. As soon as you’ve booked, we will match you with 4 suitable tutors that are best suited to your needs. They will then call/email you to confirm the time and location of the first mock interview within 72 hours of booking.

  • ``I've had all my interviews but need help with a topic, can you help me?``

    Of course! We’re here to support you till the very end. Contact us now and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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