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Oxbridge Interview Intensive Course

Intensive Preparation.  A fully interactive 12-hour course (held over two full days) that guides you through everything you need to know to ace your interview.

Mock Interviews. You will get 2 x 30 Minute Mock Interviews with full written feedback and 6 x Peer Review Mock Interviews (watching another student).

Expert Tutorials. Alongside valuable Mock Interviews, you’ll get 5 hours of intensive tutorials from our specialist tutors.

Two Days Of Intensive Interview Preparation

On this course you are taught vital techniques and strategies to answer commonly asked interview questions. All teaching is done by senior Oxbridge tutors and will be highly relevant to your application. You will walk away from the weekend course feeling confident about your upcoming interview.

You will receive 2 x 30-minute subject specific mock interviews with full written feedback.

All teaching is done by senior Oxbridge tutors and will cover specialist tips, strategies and techniques for you to impress Admissions Tutors with.

Watching how another student answers questions in a mock interview is as valuable as taking the interview yourself. You’ll get the opportunity to review 6 other student interviews.

Get access to our expert tutors 24/7 up until the date of your exam. You are never alone with UniAdmissions.

You will also get a complimentary copy of the Ultimate Oxbridge Interview Guide which contains tips and strategies for tackling frequently asked questions.

This is an intensive 45 minutes tutorial designed to stretch you intellectually beyond the confines of the A-level specification. Your Oxbridge tutor will go over challenging topics and interview questions and discuss the best strategies to answering them.

Two Days Hours of Focused Study

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Oxbridge Intensive Interview Course Schedule:

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Day Two:

Frequently Asked Questions

Every student enrolled on our Oxbridge Programmes gets a copy of the Ultimate Oxbridge Interview Guide which consists of strategies for tackling frequently asked questions, how to approach difficult questions, a guide to calculations (science subjects) or advancing arguments (humanities) and 900+ previously asked Oxbridge interview questions.

UniAdmissions Oxbridge Programme are comprehensive support Programmes designed to triple your chances of getting an offer to study at Oxbridge. This course, amongst tons of other resources, is exclusive to students enrolled on a Programme. Find the best Programme for you here.

Apart from our excellent tutors and materials, we are highly experienced in providing students with the support they need to, ultimately, gain an offer to study at Oxbridge. No other company is able to offer the Oxbridge success rates we attain year-on-year. Additionally, we offer 6 interview experiences, through individual interviews and peer-reviewed interviews. Additionally, all tutorials are uniquely subject-oriented throughout the day.

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