Dundee Medical School: A University Review

A Review of Dundee Medical School. Dundee medical school is one of the top medical schools in the UK and ranked as the number one medical school in Scotland. It offers dedicated Clinical and Surgical Skills Centres, and excellent graduate prospects. Competition for places and entry standards are also high. But what more does Dundee medical school have to offer?

Keele BMAT: How do they use your score?

What is the Keele BMAT Cut Off 2018? The Keele BMAT Cut Off 2018, among other medical schools, is something you need to research into. This is important because Keele only uses the BMAT for international students.  For home/EU students, Keele medical school looks at the UKCAT. The BMAT scores are assessed differently depending on…

How does UCLuse your BMAT score?

The UCL BMAT Cut Off Guide: Different medical schools use BMAT scores differently in admissions. It’s important to get an idea of what types of scores are required to successfully pass the test. In this article, we’re focusing on the UCL BMAT cut off. We’ll discuss what it is for this year and how it…


What Counts as a High UCAT Score?

How is a ‘high’ UCAT (UKCAT) score defined? It is difficult to say what constitutes a high UCAT score, as the UCAT requirements of medical schools differ from one another. This article will take a look at some of the average marks in recent years, the UCAT requirements of top medical schools, as well as what the UCAT actually is.