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If you’re looking to prepare for your Medical Interview at your own pace, this course is perfect for you.  You are taught vital techniques and strategies to answer commonly asked interview questions. All videos are filmed by Oxbridge Graduate Doctors. You also get unlimited access to a dedicated medical tutor until your interview.

The course outline focuses on key areas and includes 6 hours of videos, 2 full eBooks and unlimited ongoing tutor support.

The Medical Interview Online Course

Unparalleled Resources with Expert Tutors

Free Medical Interview Ebook

The Ultimate Medical School Interview Guide is a 300+ page book with first hand advice from expert tutors and over 150 past interview questions

All styles of Questions Covered

Medical Ethics & Situation Based Questions included

Ongoing Support

Access to your expert tutor till the day of your interview so you’re never alone or stuck

Fully Flexible

Learn from the comfort of your home at a pace that suits you

Over 40 Videos to Watch

Includes Oxbridge & MMI Style Questions

Course Content

6 hours of Videos, 2 eBooks & Unlimited Tutor Support

1  Introduction
2  Medical Acronyms Part I
3 Medical Acronyms Part II
4  Training Pathways
5  NHS Scandals
6 Junior Doctor Contract
7  Work Experience
8  Work Experience Questions Part I
9 Work Experience Questions Part II
10  Why Medicine?
11  Why this University?
12  Your Strengths
13  Your Weaknesses
14  Situational Questions
15  Extra Reading Part I
16 Extra Reading Part II
17  Medical Ethics
18  Practicing Ethics Principles Part I
19  Practicing Ethics Principles Part II
20  Practicing Ethics Principles Part III

21  Consent
22  Mental Capacity
23  Confidentiality
24  Standard Interview Example 1
25  Standard Interview Example 2
26  Oxbridge Interview Example 1
27  Oxbridge Interview Example 2
28  Panel Mock Interview
29  Multiple Mini Interviews
30  Breaking Bad News
31  Counselling
32 Critical Consultation Appraisal
33  Unfamiliar Material Part I
34  Unfamiliar Material Part II
35  Calculation Questions
36  Estimation Questions
37  Science Based Questions
38  Interview Skills Part I
39 Interview Skills Part II
40 Conclusion

2 Full eBooks

The Ultimate Medical School Interview Guide is packed with 150 commonly asked questions and full model answers.

2 Full eBooks

The Ultimate Oxbridge Interview Guide contains 900 examples of previously asked Oxbridge Interview Questions.

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Common Questions

  • ``What materials and resources do you provide?``

    Everyone who signs up to the Medical Interview online course gets our Ultimate Oxbridge Interview Guide ebook AND Ultimate Medical School Interview Guide ebook. In addition you also get access to over 40 videos to watch over and over again, covering all aspects of interviews. And finally, you will have unlimited email access to our tutors until your interview.

  • ``When can I get started?``

    You can start as soon as you checkout. You’ll be automatically emailed all the resources and can start studying with the online lectures straightaway.

  • ``What if I need more help?``

    Throughout the course, you’ll get access to a dedicated Interviews tutor who will be responsible for answering all your questions. If you ever get stuck, they’ll be able to help you.

  • ``How long will it take me to go through the course?``

    Most people are able to go through the course in two weeks. You can obviously do it quicker but it’s important to not rush it – take your time and make use of all the available resources to ensure you get the best possible mark.