Preparing for the TSA: How to tackle the test

The Thinking Skills Assessment – the TSA – is an aptitude-based test for admission to certain courses at certain universities in the UK. Preparing for the TSA is a large task, namely because of the number of skills you have to practice.

The assessment tests a range of skills including your problem-solving abilities and how you interpret data. Both quantitative and qualitative skills are required within the assessment, and it is the basis of applying to courses such as Economics which demands similar abilities.

As with the overarching aim of the Oxbridge admissions process, this test is about how you think and how you logically reason in order to draw conclusions based on the information and data available.

It is not, per se, about testing your intrinsic knowledge of a particular subject (which is what A-Levels partly do). It is much more about the methods of reaching a solution. Preparing for the TSA can be daunting, so this blog should be your first step towards getting well positioned for the exam.

Preparing for the TSA: practice, practice and practice some more…

Ever wondered why Oxbridge use the TSA test? Like many universities, these admission tests and interviews are there to assess whether you have the academic skills required to study at the university.

As with many of the aptitude tests, the TSA preparation will require students to spend time much of their preparation time working through practice tests and exercises. Remember, the tests are designed to test the way you think rather than covering a specific body of knowledge.

It is advisable to spend time working through past paper material. Familiarise yourself with the kinds of questions they ask in the TSA and then each day work up towards answering more and more questions. The key is to train your brain to think in the way the test requires.


TSA Courses

UniAdmissions offer courses for students taking the TSA exams. These courses are run by tutors who are experts in the TSA examinations. They have taken the exam themselves, are graduates from Oxford or Cambridge and have experience helping students like you achieve the highest scores in the TSA. Preparing for the TSA is now a lot less daunting.

TSA: The Intensive Course

TSA courses are available to help you prepare for the TSA. One of which is the intensive course. This is popular amongst the students who sign up to UniAdmissions.

In the course of this one day, events are designed to stretch and push you in improving your exam results and performance. How to approach questions, exam technique, and methods for achieving the very highest scores will be covered on the course.

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So, what next?

Make sure you get into the routine of practising TSA questions in the weeks and months running up to the exam. This is preferable to suddenly realising a week before the exam that you should probably start and try to cram it all in. Preparing for the TSA should be a process over time.

Make sure that you complete full timed exams in preparation. Part of the challenge of the TSA exam is the time constraints. It is important to be able to familiarise yourself with the expectations of the exam – the format and how long you will have to work through the questions – before the day.

Book into the best TSA course available with UniAdmissions. These days, events are the perfect way to compliment your personal preparation for the exam. Preparing for the TSA alone can be tough, and it will save you a lot of time having the support and guidance of the UniAdmissions tutoring team. The course will give you greater confidence going into the exam.

Go against the clock with TSA practice at UniAdmissions

Taking part in a TSA course, booking one-to-one tuitions or even just reading one of the TSA books available at UniAdmissions is proven to boost your TSA score.

There’s a broad range of tutoring services and TSA essay examples that our expert mentors will go through. And if you’re struggling with the economics side, there is always our complete economics package.

Whatever it is you need help with, you can find a service here that will support you in your TSA preparation.

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