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Securing a place to study medicine at Oxbridge is one of the toughest admissions processes a student can face. Correct preparation for your interviews and exams like the BMAT and UKCAT could provide you with the edge needed for success.

How can UniAdmissions help you to succeed?

At UniAdmissions we provide a fully customised, one-to-one tuition package delivered by Oxbridge medical tutors to give you the best possible chance of achieving that dream place. You’ll get fifty hours of expert support covering your entire application from start to finish including the personal statement, UKCAT, BMAT, and Oxbridge interviews – all tailored to your specific circumstances and requirements

law oxbridge

Oxbridge Law

Find out how our expert tutors can help you to pass the LNAT or Cambridge Law test.

oxbridge dentristy

Oxbridge Dentistry

If you are looking support with the UKCAT or BMAT exams you couldn’t come to a better place then UniAdmissions.

Oxbridge medicine

Oxbridge Medicine

Getting into Oxbridge may be very difficult but our expert tutors are here to help.

Oxbridge Economics

Oxbridge Economics

Looking to apply for Economics? We are here to help you with the TSA and ECAA tests.

Cambridge natural science

Cambridge Natural Science

Our expert tutors are here to help you get an offer for Natural Science at Cambridge.

Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Oxford PPE

If you would like to apply for PPE you couldn’t come to a better place than UniAdmissions.

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 50 Comprehensive Hours of Support

Our Oxbridge Medical Package gives you the best possible chance of getting that dream offer. You will get 50 hours of bespoke expert tutoring consisting of:

You will recieve 5 hours application advice from an expert tutor who has been through the process before, and passed with flying colours. They will help ensure you have the best possible application.

You will get detailed, personal, expert advice for every stage of the writing process; from starting the opening sentence to the final touches. In addition to this you’ll receive unlimited redrafts of your statement.

You’ll get one-on-one time with an expert UKCAT Tutor who scored in the top 10% nationally. They’ll be able to focus on your strengths & weaknesses to ensure rapid improvement.

You’ll have one-on-one time with an expert BMAT tutor who will guide you through the test, identifying problem areas and working through them with you. This is the best possible support for the BMAT test.

You will be taught vital techniques and strategies to answer commonly asked interview questions. All teaching is done by senior Oxbridge tutors.

The mock interviews will give you focused feedback on your interview performance – you get 4 x 60 Minute Subject-Specific Mock Interviews with 4 different tutors with full written feedback.

You’ll get access to all of our online resources which will give you plenty of practise on top of the support we will provide.

You will receive 5 paperback books;

THE Ultimate UKCAT Guide
THE Ultimate BMAT Guide
THE Ultimate Medical Personal Statement Guide
The Ultimate Medical School Interview Guide
The Ultimate Oxbridge Interview Guide
The UKCAT and BMAT guides contain powerful time-saving strategies that allow you to answer difficult questions within the time limit as well a massive amount of practice questions written in the style and difficulty of the real exams. The personal statement and interview guides have expert tips and tricks on how to improve your interview style and giving your personal statement an edge against others.

Case Studies of Real Students

With a team of 500 Oxbridge experts and a proven track-record of success, it’s easy to see why our students are THREE times more likely to succeed than the national average.

read callums story with UniAdmissions
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You’ll get access to all of our online resources and paperback books: Medical Personal Statement Guide,UKCAT Guide, BMAT Guide and  Medical Interview Guide, all packed with powerful strategies and techniques to help you prepare, improve and stand out.

Usually in a location that’s convenient for you and your tutor in Central London, Cambridge or Oxford. In some cases, it may be possible to have the sessions at your house, depending on your location.

UniAdmissions is committed to giving the very best service to every student. Our talented tutors are the key to the excellent service we pride ourselves on, passing on not only their expertise, but also their enthusiasm to inspire the next generation to succeed.

All tutors are either current senior students, recent graduates or from a professional background. Our selection process ensures only the best tutors work for us, in roles most suited to their skill-sets.

Our tutors work at any time that is convenient for you including weekends and evenings. As soon as you’ve booked, we will match you with subject specific tutors that are best suited to your needs. They will then call/email you to confirm the time and location of the first session within 48 hours of booking.

Absolutely, and we’d encourage you to do so. Make sure you give your tutor enough notice (at least 5 days) for them to prepare the appropriate materials.

Our Resources are the best in the industry – We are the only company to offer worked solutions to BMAT papers, On Demand online Lectures for BMAT & UKCAT.
We also give a free e-copies of our exclusive Ultimate Guide Series of books which contain more practice questions than any other books to all students attending our courses.
We’ve published 16 books in the last 2 years and sold more than 20,000 copies worldwide
Our Oxbridge and Medical Success rates are more than double the national average

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