NSAA Preparation Courses

The NSAA is an Admissions Test unique to Cambridge for applicants to Natural Science and Veterinary Medicine.

Assessing your knowledge of Maths and your choice of Biology, Chemistry or Physics, as Cambridge needs to be able to assess your ability to manage your preferred subjects. It would be ill-advised to entre this Admissions Test without first undertaking a large amount of preparation.

That is where UniAdmissions comes in.

At UniAdmissions, we teach you the fundamental knowledge and skills that will help you to pass the NSAA through one-to-one tuition, intensive courses and much more. With expert tutors, who all scored in the top 10% of the NSAA, you will be able to get personal support that with triple your chances of success. Discover our Programmes below to learn more about how UniAdmissions can help you.

What is the NSAA?

The Natural Sciences Admissions Assessment determines a candidate's potential to achieve in a demanding course.

The NSAA is two hours long and split into two sections:

Section 1 - You must answer Part A and one further Part chosen from B, C and D. There are 20 multiple-choice questions in each part, so you will answer 40 questions.

Section 2 - You are required to answer one part only chosen from Parts X, Y and Z, with 20 multiple-choice questions in each part.

How To Prepare for the NSAA

The NSAA is about applying conceptual knowledge to deconstruct and solve problems. Some questions involve the straightforward application of knowledge, but others require creative thinking, problem-solving, and the application of principles in less familiar contexts.

Start by familiarising yourself with the NSAA syllabus. Once comfortable with the material, move onto NSAA past papers at your own pace and then under timed conditions.

We offer a variety of Programmes to suit different students. These Programmes will boost your NSAA score rapidly.

You can boost your NSAA score by working with an expert tutor here at UniAdmissions, guiding you through the process and offering experienced insight into the NSAA.

What NSAA Preparation Programme Is Best For Me?


Our Complete Cambridge Natural Science Preparation Programme

The Cambridge Natural Science Programme is an all-encompassing preparation course that supports you in all areas of your application, such as the NSAA Admissions Test. This Programme is designed specifically to triple your chances of getting into Cambridge Natural Science.

This Programme contains over 190 hours of study and gives you access to valuable one-to-one tutoring, NSAA preparation resources, places on Intensive Courses and more.

This is the Programme most students choose as it covers everything required for a strong Natural Science application.

You can also get comprehensive NSAA support with our the Cambridge Veterinary Science Premium Programme

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Our NSAA Specific Preparation Programme

The NSAA is an essential component of the Cambridge Natural Science and Veterinary Science applications, and scoring highly can mean the difference between an offer or rejection.

Our NSAA Preparation Programme is designed for applicants who are confident with the other aspects of the application but feel you would benefit from some guidance with the NSAA.

Our fully comprehensive Programme provides over 95 hours of study, with one-to-one tuition from our expert tutors. You will also participate in Intensive Courses and have access to online revision support.

If you are only looking for support with the NSAA, this is the Programme for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All tutors are either current senior students, recent graduates or from a professional background that have taken the NSAA and scored in the top 10% in their admissions cycle. Our selection process ensures only the best tutors work for us, in roles most suited to their skill-sets. You can read more about our tutors here.

We work with a limited number of students each year to ensure we can provide the best support suited for their particular needs.

Our Programmes have a structured syllabus, however, we tweak elements of the syllabus so the student is able to gain the most out of our support.

First and foremost, we assess whether the potential student has the right academic capabilities and profile to be realistically accepted to study at Cambridge.

Secondly, we assess whether the student is capable and willing to put in the time required to create a strong application for Cambridge.

Finally, we assess the student’s attitude and reasoning behind applying to their subject, whether it is Natural Science or Veterinary Science at Cambridge. This is one of our most important considerations.

If a student has below-average (but still realistic) grades, but the correct attitude, we would consider accepting them onto our Programme. Unfortunately, if the converse is that case, it’s unlikely the student would be accepted onto the Programme. Admissions Tutors look for passion, not just academic potential.

We do have ideal start times at points throughout the year, however, the syllabus can be adapted to suit your particular start time if you are accepted onto the Programme. Our Admissions Consultants can help you understand the Programme timeline in your specific case – all you need to do is ask.

You’ll get access to all of our online NSAA resources, such as online lectures, and paperback books packed with powerful strategies and techniques to help you prepare, improve and boost your score. You will also receive NSAA mock papers to put your learning to the test.

The NSAA is an important part of your application, but to ensure you give yourself the best chance of receiving an offer, the rest of your application has to be strong too, such as your Personal Statement and Interviews. 

For this reason, we provide the complete Premium Programmes. 

Our Premium Programmes that also offer NSAA support are

These Programmes were created to help you stay on top of your application and triple your chances of gaining an offer.

Yes, we have a lot of valuable information about how to prepare and score highly on the NSAA on our website. You can take a look at the articles on this page by clicking here.

The Programme Portal is where you will find all of the support and resources for your Programme.

You can think of the Portal as the hub of all the materials included within your Programme. If you are ever looking for a relevant book, an online course, course dates or anything along those lines, the Portal is very likely to be your answer.

You can also use the Portal to get in touch with our team at any point.