History Personal Statement Breakdown

There’s a lot of info flying around about what exactly to include in a history personal statement. Unfortunately the reality is by your final draft you will have cut out a LOT of your initial thoughts. So, to streamline the process, here’s a short breakdown of what should be in there, and what you can feasibly cut out when the time comes.

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Getting through the HAT

The Oxford History Aptitude Test may seem daunting at first? But there are certain steps you can take to prepare yourself and be ready to take it in November. The History Aptitude Test (HAT) is one of the key elements of the Oxford application process, and is particularly important for selecting candidates.

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cambridge humanities interviewers

The Secret to a Cambridge Humanities Interview

My own humanities interview at Cambridge was a tense and uncomfortable experience. I remember halfway through my humanities interview at Cambridge I realised that I kept fidgeting with sweaty hands, and I sat on them to stop it. I came out thinking I had wasted my golden opportunity, and then I was ecstatic….

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