Answering Your Personal Statement Questions

Answering Your Personal Statement Questions. Do you have any pressing questions about your personal statement that you need answered now? Here’s ten answered questions about writing the dreaded essay of university admissions (aka. the personal statement!).

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Successful Personal Statement For Medicine At Oxford University

Episode 10: Medical Personal Statement for Oxford, Sheffield, Bristol and Edinburgh. Medicine is one of the most competitive careers a student can apply for. Applicants to Medicine can only choose from four options, leaving the fifth option for a (usually) medical-related career. We will cover the statistics from the UCAS Statement, and delve into expert commentary from our tutors.

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Maths Personal Statement At Oxford

Episode 9: Maths personal statement for Oxford, UCL and King’s. This personal statement was used to apply to five universities, including Oxford University. This personal statement was rejected by Oxford and a couple of other universities. Read the statement yourself before reading our comments, and think about whether you think it is a strong UCAS statement.

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Modern Languages Personal Statement At Oxford

Episode 8: Modern Languages Personal Statement For Oxford. This Personal Statement was used to apply for Modern Languages (French) at Oxford and various other universities. This is an example of a Personal Statement showing academic insight incredibly well, however, it is lacking in other areas. Here are the basic figures for this statement:

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Engineering Personal Statement For Oxford

Episode 7: Engineering Personal Statement For Oxford. This is a real Personal Statement used to apply to Oxford for Engineering. This statement did exceptionally well earning the candidate 5 offers for highly competitive universities. Just 17% of candidates are successful when applying for Engineering at Oxford. Here are the base statistics for the Personal Statement:

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