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"I was really struggling to get started with UCAT which I needed to do well on because my first choice was Glasgow. UniAdmissions made preparing for it 10x easier!"
Offers from Glasgow, Queen Marys & Cardiff

Dentistry Premium Programme

Triple your chances of getting a place at Dental School.

Over 260 Hours Of Study. UniAdmissions will guide you through a comprehensive, tried & tested syllabus that covers all aspects of the application.

30 Expert One-To-One Sessions. Each session has pre-requisite work to be completed and provides a full written report, homework and targets.

Reserved Places On Four Exclusive Intensive Courses.  Improve rapidly with four full-day courses, exclusive to our Programme students, taught by Dentistry tutors.

The Ultimate Dentistry Application Support

Your Dentistry Programme will give you expert support through many different avenues of learning.

Group Teaching. Learn in groups with weekly sessions and intensive day-courses.

One-To-One Tuition. Get expert, individual support where you need it most.

Revision. Focused study with the incredible resources we will provide you with.

Practice. Apply your learning and revision with mock papers and mock interviews.

Support & Feedback. We will ensure you are always on track and have the support you need.

Enrichment. Become the well-rounded candidate Dentistry tutors are looking for.

"My Programme was UniAdmissions was properly comprehensive. I even got BMAT support for my application to Leeds which was amazing as I got the offer!"
Offers from Cardiff, Newscastle & Leeds
"The whole process felt really polished and the tutors I worked with really knew their stuff."
Offers from Oxford, Keele & Sheffield

UniAdmissions' Tried & Tested Formula For Success

We have supported hundreds of students with their Dentistry applications over the years and have gained a critical understanding of what admissions tutors are looking for. Our syllabus has been designed from the ground up to get you your dream offer.

You will receive expert application advice from a tutor who has been through the process before, and passed with flying colours. They will help ensure you have the best possible application.

  • University, course and college recommendations based on your strengths and weaknesses
  • Recommended reading list to get a feel for the subject
  • Work experience recommendations

A strong personal statement lays the foundation for your Dentistry application. Your Programme will help you, not only write your statement, but ensure you have taken the correct steps to support it in the months beforehand through:

  • A reserved Personal Statement Intensive Course place
  • A Personal Statement Online Course
  • Work Experience
  • Syllabus Reading List
  • Personal Statement Textbooks
  • Personal Statement Marking

The UCAT exam is a vital component of the Dentistry application so scoring highly can mean the difference between an offer or rejection. Your UCAT support will include:

  • A reserved UCAT Intensive Course place
  • One-to-one sessions with an expert UCAT tutor
  • Online lectures through the UCAT Academy Course
  • Various UniAdmissions UCAT textbooks
  • UCAT mock papers to practice your revision

The BMAT is required by some Dental schools so a strong performance on this exam is required for many universities. UniAdmissions Programme will boost your BMAT score through:

  • One-to-one sessions with a specialist BMAT tutor
  • A reserved BMAT Intensive Course place
  • Online BMAT lectures
  • Various bestselling BMAT textbooks
  • BMAT Section 3 essay marking
  • BMAT mock papers to practice with

The interview is the final stage of your Dentistry application. As with any skill, interviews can be prepared for to improve your chances of success. UniAdmissions will provide expert interview support through:

  • A reserved place on the Intensive Interview Course
  • Mock interviews identical to the real Dentistry interview
  • The Ultimate Medical Interview guide book
  • Recommended reading list for interview topics

When you book with UniAdmissions, you are never alone. We will offer you specialist support throughout every aspect of your application, including:

  • Weekly group sessions from April onwards
  • A dedicated personal tuition manager for any support you will require
  • 24/7 support access to tutors for any questions or queries
  • Fully written feedback after each one-to-one session
  • An exclusive Exam Success Online Course
  • The Ultimate Guide To Exam Success

All the features

What to know what you'll get with your Programme? Here's exactly what will be included.

Group Teaching

One-To-One Teaching



Support & Feedback


We work only with the best tutors

"I can't thank my tutors enough. I got the Oxford offer I really wanted and I couldn't have done it without them!"
luke law
Offers from Oxford, UCL & Lancaster
"I felt like I really got on with my tutors. Especially Orin, she was a godsend! Please pass on my thanks to her."
Offers from Cambridge, Edinburgh & Swansea

How do we match these tutors to our students?

The secret lies in our propietary dedicated tutor management system, TutorMatch. This platform enables our tutors to generate a personal profile of their skills and expertise. This enables us to select the very best tutors out of those who apply. This system has a number of benefits for our students:

Fast, efficient process of tutor selection.

We select the best tutors from an already elite group, based on your subject and University preferences.

Transparency of investment: tutors produce reports after every session to monitor progress.

83% of students on our Programmes get their Dentistry place, our tutors help us achieve this.

Automation and data analysis means we are constantly improving the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll get access to all of our online resources and paperback books: Personal Statement Guide, UKCAT Guide, BMAT Guide and Medical School Interview Guide and Oxbridge Interview Guide, all packed with powerful strategies and techniques to help you prepare, improve and stand out.

In person tuition is usually held in a location that’s convenient for you and your tutor in Central London, Cambridge or Oxford.

In some cases, it may be possible to have the sessions at your house depending on your location.

UniAdmissions is committed to giving the very best service to every student. Our talented tutors are the key to the excellent service we pride ourselves on, passing on not only their expertise, but also their enthusiasm to inspire the next generation to succeed.

All tutors are either current senior students, recent graduates or from a professional background. Our selection process ensures only the best tutors work for us, in roles most suited to their skill-sets.


UniAdmissions are commited to providing the highest quality service to you. If you are unhappy with your Programme at any point, you can contact your Dedicated Programme Manager to arrange a new tutor and discuss any issues – we will do everything we can to keep you satisfied.

If you’re still unhappy with your Programme, we offer a 14-day cooling off period in which you can cancel and get a full refund, no questions asked.


Absolutely, and we’d encourage you to do so.
Make sure you give your tutor enough notice (at least 5 days) for them to prepare the appropriate materials.

Our tutors work at any time that is convenient for you including weekends and evenings. As soon as you’ve booked, we will match you with subject specific tutors that are best suited to your needs. They will then call/email you to confirm the time and location of the first session within 48 hours of booking.

UniAdmissions is the leading oxbridge admissions company because:

  1. Our Resources are the best in the industry.
  2. All of our tutors have scored in the top 10% nationally for their admissions test.
  3. We have a success rate which is triple the national average.

Risk Free Trial

There are two reasons our success rates are so high. The first is that our programmes are tried and tested – if the student follows our syllabus and curriculum, they have an extremely high chance of success.

The second reason is that we are selective and work with less than 25% of students that apply to work with us. This is because we need to ensure they’re of a sufficiently high academic ability (mostly 9/8s at GCSE, Predicted at least AAA at A level and driven for their subject).

Hence, we provide a 2 week trial period for all our programmes – it gives you the chance to ensure that you are 100% happy with our service, resources and tutors. It also gives us the chance to ensure that we are happy with your commitment and dedication to the programme.