Top Strategies on How to Get Into Medical School

TIP ONE: Invest time in learning how to study effectively

If, like most A-Level or IB students, you have lots of extracurricular commitments and subjects to study for, studying efficiently – rather than for long hours – is crucial. The first aspect to the question of how to get into medical school is straightforward: you need top grades in all your subjects.

However, successful medicine applicants and Oxbridge-level candidates do not waste their time copying out revision notes over and over and passively reading textbooks. Instead, they utilise smart study skills and time management techniques. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Exam Success here.

TIP TWO: Figuring out how to get into medical school is candidate-specific

This is where the ‘strategy’ aspect of admissions comes into play. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when determining how to get into medical school. Instead, you must figure out which type of admissions test suits you. One type may be easier for you to master. The BMAT, ukcat and Oxbridge-specific tests all utilise slightly different styles of questions. This leads us to….


TIP THREE: Determine which type of test suits you through doing practice questions


Going through available questions and resources published online will help familiarise you with the format of the tests: however, the only way to give yourself an edge over other candidates is through practice. Find additional questions to practice on to ensure that you score as highly as possible. Our website offers extensive resources, written by top tutors and admissions experts, to help you attain this goal!


TIP FOUR: Research the course structures offered by the schools you like


When researching which medical schools to apply for, many applicants fail to complete this basic task. Knowing how the course is taught – for example, through traditional lectures, case-based or problem-based learning – and having a solid understanding of what each year of clinical teaching involves demonstrates to admissions tutors that you are committed to their course. It shows them you are proactive, well-informed, and have the basic research skills and attention to detail required for a clinical career.

Medical Admissions Tests: UKCAT

Admissions tests like the BMAT and ukcat are required by a number of Medical schools. Our ukcat tutors are all Medical experts who scored in at least the top 10% during their UKCAT year. Last year, 63% of students we helped got a place to study at Medicine or at Oxbridge. That is triple the national average!

Speak to our expert admissions team to learn more about how we can help you (PS: At UniAdmissions; you’ll always deal with Oxbridge and Medicine experts).

TIP FIVE: Attain some clinical work experience


Whether this involves volunteering in your local hospital or elderly care home, or finding programs offered abroad, many medical schools require this for you to be considered as a candidate. Think creatively to find placements, as these are usually highly competitive. Reach out to multiple contacts, and if they do not respond, keep trying, and use your initiative. Medical schools know that placements are difficult to come by; as such, attaining one and being able to reflect on the skills, ethical scenarios, and care environment demonstrates your commitment to and appreciation for a career in medicine.

Consider keeping a reflection journal to document your thoughts during your placement. This will not only give you material to remember and discuss during your interview; it is also the kind of exercise that medicals schools actually use to help their students become better clinical practitioners!

Our website also offers numerous guides, interview and admissions test questions, and exam strategies to help you on your journey. Start here with our Ultimate Medical School Application Guide:

Further help: Medical Admissions Packages

Give yourself the best chance of getting that dream medical school place with a tuition package that covers every aspect of the application and admissions process. Your experienced Medical tutor will help you get the highest scores possible in admissions tests such as the BMAT and ukcat, prepare you for interview, optimise your personal statement and more.

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