Join our team!

Join our talented staff to help us continue to offer the best resources and preparation for University Admissions!

UniAdmissions is a young and dynamic educational and tutoring business; our focus is premium-quality academic services for students applying to competitive UK universities.

Last year was the best in our 8-year history and in 2023 with a number of new investments & products we are planning to grow bigger than ever!

We have a number of exciting opportunities for ambitious, energetic and motivated people to join our Team.

Why would you want to work with UniAdmissions?

We could go on for some time but we thought it best to limit ourselves to just 10 reasons…


As a close-knit but rapidly-growing team, every single member of the team is able to shape and direct the way the company grows – and you feel like part of something bigger than yourself.


The majority of the time we all work remotely so communication is key – daily team virtual meetings, phone calls, and WhatsApp are just a few of the ways we keep in touch.


UniAdmissions helps to nurture your professional and personal development. We provide every staff member a budget to spend on furthering themselves!


Working remotely for the majority of the week means that you can work in absolute comfort – whether for you that means while sipping a latte at a coffee shop, sitting in the sun in the garden.


There are always plenty of opportunities for advancement and to take on more responsibility. Ambition is rewarded and encouraged.


After your initial training, you will be trusted to get your job done, and given space and independence to complete projects. However, you can always count on others for help.


The team is always eager to make it a more exciting working environment – whether that means takeout pizza or putting on a ski trip or Caribbean cruise at the end of the year for us!


Regular training sessions and cross-departmental presentations mean that you’re always sharing what you’ve learned with your team and developing your skills and knowledge.


Whether it’s in the form of bonuses on hitting targets, commission, or amazon gift cards, the salary is generous and hard work is rewarded, which is always an incentive to push yourself.


If you need a helping hand during busy times, are having technical issues, or need input from another area of the business for a project you’re working on, the team will always support you.

What kind of culture can you expect?

Be The Best

Our customers come to us because of the high quality of our tutors and resources.

Be Focused

We’re a data-driven company; everything is measured in order to maximise efficiency.

Be Responsible

We won’t overpromise or underdeliver. We work collectively as a team to make everyone’s lives easier.

Be Relentless

When things get tough, we go the extra mile, put in extra hours, to get back on track.

Be Transparent

We don’t try to be the cheapest or offer discounts. We are confident in the value we provide.

Be Fair

We want to make Oxbridge accessible to students from all backgrounds – we offer unlimited bursaries.

Friendly. Hard-working. Fun.

Everyone at UniAdmissions is committed to the company and the people around them. You’ll always get the help and support you need – with a smile.

The real brains behind UniAdmissions

Behind (almost) every great UniAdmissions staff member is a great sidekick. Don’t be surprised if you meet a few of these guys and girls on your days in the office!

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for driven, ambitious, personable people with an interest in delivering premium tuition and business excellence. We’re a quick growing company at a pivotal point in our growth, and having the perfect team is an absolutely essential part of that vision. Although experience is desirable in certain of the roles we advertise, the main quality we’re looking for is a drive to bring enthusiasm, professionalism, and an excellent work ethic to our team.


If that sounds like you, why not take a look at the roles we offer, and get in touch?

What do we offer?

Competitive salary.

Flexible working hours.

Generous perks and rewards, such as the Company Ski Trip

Training and professional development.

Ability to work remotely.

Join a friendly, supportive team.

A few snaps of previous ski trips!

Winding down on the slopes.