Before you can work as a tutor for UniAdmissions – you will need to sign the tutor contract below.

Agreement for services to UniAdmissions

MedOx Tutors Limited (trading as UniAdmissions) may supply the Tutor with:

  • Temporary and self-employed work.
  • A safe and professional working environment.

In return the Tutor agrees to undertake the following, as part of any services rendered to UniAdmissions (where relevant):

  • Supply their own materials for the work (such as articles, extracts, problems etc.) if requested in advance by UniAdmissions.
  • Provide the necessary materials for satisfactory completion of their duties.
  • Invoice for any work that has been completed.
  • Submit invoices within 30 working days after the work is undertaken.
  • Submit invoices using the invoice form, completing all requested fields.
  • If total travel cost is going to be more than £25 for any 2 hour session, authorisation must be obtained from the Tuition Manager prior to booking any travel.
  • Provide insights into the qualities admissions tutors may be looking for.
  • Provide detailed oral and written feedback to students, teachers and UniAdmissions where appropriate.
  • Provide guidance on interview skills and the use of subject-specific rationale in answering challenging interview questions.
  • Have suitable knowledge to suggest further reading on topics of interest.
  • Develop a pro-active, supportive, friendly approach to encourage and motivate the applicant.
  • Encourage students to take their university application seriously, and to invest their own time after the session
  • Answer all students questions honestly and openly.
  • Assist students in every way possible, as far as it is reasonable to do so.
  • Not provide your personal contact details to students unless you’ve been told otherwise.
  • If students have any queries, request that they direct them to [email protected], FAO yourself if relevant. We will ensure that all queries are passed on swiftly.
  • Refrain from establishing contact with students or teachers.
  • Provide absolute confidentiality of all information relating to any and all aspects of UniAdmissions or the services rendered by the Tutor.
  • Remember that UniAdmissions is the copyright holder for all our resources, and as such they cannot be distributed except with our prior written permission.
  • Arrive at all events and tuition in a timely manner, by the time requested by the UniAdmissions staff member responsible.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation by UniAdmissions:

  • UniAdmissions may cancel the services of a Tutor up to 5 workings days prior to the booked services without being liable to pay the Tutor any sum. For the avoidance of doubt, any reference to a “working day” in this Agreement means a weekday, but not a Saturday, Sunday or any Bank Holiday.
  • Should UniAdmissions cancel between 48 hours and 5 workings days before the date of the booked services, the tutor will be paid either £10 or 20% of the agreed payment, whichever is lower.
  • Should UniAdmissions cancel less than 48 hours before the booked services, the tutor will be paid either £25 or 40% of the agreed payment, whichever is lower.

Cancellation by the Tutor:

  • The Tutor agrees to give at least 8 working days’ notice (not including the day of the event) when cancelling booked services. UniAdmissions understands that sometimes your circumstances may change, and so we are happy to accept cancellation from tutors with more than 8 working days notice
  • Should the Tutor cancel between 8 working days and 48 hours prior to the date of the booked services, then £30 or 50% of the agreed payment, whichever is lower, will be docked from any outstanding payments owed to the Tutor.
  • Should the Tutor cancel less than 48 hours prior to the booked work or fail to arrive on the day, either £50 or 100% of the agreed payment, whichever is lower, will be docked from any outstanding payments owed to the Tutor.
  • If the Tutor cancels on the day, or fails to arrive, travel costs associated with the services will not be reimbursed. Please note that extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration, but may not be accepted.
  • If the Tutor cancels less than 48 hours prior to the booked services, or fails to turn up at the booked services, UniAdmissions reserves the right to terminate this agreement.
  • If the Tutor is late to an event without extenuating circumstances, their fee may be adjusted at the discretion of the directors. If this occurs more than once, UniAdmissions reserves the right to terminate this agreement.

Cancellation by the Student:

  • Should the Student (or Parent/Payee) cancel or fail to attend an arranged online tutoring session, no reimbursement is provided.
  • Should the Student (or Parent/Payee) cancel the first arranged in person tutoring session within 24 hours of arranged session start time, only pre-arranged travel expenses will be reimbursed to the Tutor by UniAdmissions upon proof of purchase and proof of cancellation.
  • Should the Student (or Parent/Payee) not arrive for the first arranged in person tutoring session, any pre-arranged travel expenses will be reimbursed to the Tutor by UniAdmissions upon proof of purchase and a written report of the case.
  • Should the Student (or Parent/Payee) not arrive for any additional arranged in person tutoring (following the first non-arrival) sessions following the first cancellation, the Tutor will receive full payment for the planned session time and travel expenses upon sign-off by UniAdmissions of a full written report of the case and proof of travel ticket purchase(s) provided by the Tutor within 48 hours of the case occurring. Any report filed outside of 48 hours will be considered at the discretion of the Directors.


Upon termination or expiry of this contract, the tutor agrees to deliver all property, documents, materials, and data provided by MedOx Tutors. The tutor will permanently erase all copies of documents, materials and confidential information from their computer, media storages, and cloud based or email based storages.

The tutor agrees that they won’t during the term of this contract and for 12 months following the termination of this contract, whether acting directly or indirectly on their behalf or on behalf of/in conjunction with any person, company, firm or charity:

  • Solicit or attempt to entice away from MedOx Tutors, the business of a customer/company that has dealt with MedOx tutors in the duration of this contract or in the past 12 months prior to this contract, with the intention of providing goods or services to that customer/company.
  • Be involved in any role (director, consultant, owner, partner, founder or any other capacity) with any business that MedOx tutors considers to be in competition with.


In order to receive payment from UniAdmissions, Tutors must submit invoices to the email address [email protected], no later than the end of the subsequent calendar month, attaching any relevant receipts for travel etc.  Invoices received after this cut of date will not be processed, except in the event that extenuating circumstances have occurred to prevent the Tutor from processing their claim.  Payment is made within 20 working days after the invoice is submitted. All fees are inclusive of VAT.

We will only pay into UK Based accounts – we are unable to transfer to overseas accounts.

Invoices must include the following information, otherwise payment will not be processed:

– Name of event/support

– Date of event/support

– Role (e.g. tutor, mentor, etc)

– Number of hours worked.

– Agreed fee

Expenses are only reimbursed if:

  • They are agreed in advance by MedOx tutors in writing or email AND
  • Are necessary for the task AND
  • Invoice contains appropriate receipts that correspond to the agreed expenses.

By signing this Agreement, you confirm that you are an independent contractor and that you are not an employee, worker, agent or partner of MedOx Tutors Limited and you shall not hold yourself out as such. Please note, as you are self-employed, you are fully responsible for paying your own income tax and any National Insurance contributions. You agree to indemnify MedOx Tutors Limited against any liability, assessment or claim for any taxation whatsoever arising from or made in connection with the performance of your services as a Tutor with the company (whether before or after the date of this Agreement). You confirm that we may satisfy such indemnity (in whole or in part) by way of deduction from any payment due to you. For more information, please contact HM Revenue & Customs.

Materials and Resources

You may get commissioned to write materials and resources for UniAdmissions. If so, you agree to assign MedOx Tutors Limited with full title guarantee, the following:

  1. A) all of your rights, title, interest and property generated in this task (the “Intellectual Property Rights”);
  2. B) the full and exclusive benefit of all the Intellectual Property Rights including all forms of protection and all rights, privileges and advantages appertaining thereto;
  3. C) the right to recover and to bring proceedings to recover damages and/or to obtain other remedies in respect of infringement of the Intellectual Property Rights whether committed before or after the date of this Agreement.

You hereby agree to waive all moral rights in the Intellectual Property Rights. You understand that you may not re-publish or offer this work in the same or another form at a later date without obtaining written permission by two directors.

You understand that this work (or part of it) may be distributed by the MedOx Tutors Limited or any of its subsidiary companies in any medium in any part of the world.

You certify that this contribution is your original work and that it has not been offered to, or published anywhere in any format.

You hereby waive any right that you may have to inspect or approve the finished product and the advertising or other copy that may be used in connecting herein. You also waive any right you may have to any income or other payment sources resulting from the use of these materials in any form.

You shall, at the request of MedOx Tutors Limited, sign all instruments, applications or other documents and to do all such acts as shall be reasonably required by  MedOx Tutors Limited to enable  MedOx Tutors Limited or its nominee to enjoy the full and exclusive benefit of the Intellectual Property Rights and to fully and effectively vest the same in MedOx Tutors Limited including, where necessary, the registration of  MedOx Tutors Limited title in the Intellectual Property Rights in the appropriate intellectual property office at which the Intellectual Property Rights are (or at the nomination of the MedOx Tutors Limited shall be) registered.

The parties to this contract expressly agree that the laws of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland shall govern the validity, construction, interpretation and effect of this contract.

Use of Photographs

Occasionally UniAdmissions take photographs of the school and public workshops and courses. UniAdmissions may use these images in marketing materials, publications, displays, their website and social media sites. Tutors attending the workshops and courses may appear in the images taken.

Condition of Use:

1) The images taken will be of the activities undertaken throughout the day, showing the tutors and UniAdmissions in a positive light.

2) Embarrassing or distressing images will not be used and images will not be associated with negative or sensitive issues.

3) UniAdmissions will use group photographs with very general labels, e.g. “BMAT Mock papers”.

4) UniAdmissions will only use images of tutors who are suitably dressed.

5) UniAdmissions will take all reasonable measures to ensure the images are used solely for the purposes for which they are intended, but are not responsible for images that may be used by other websites or publishers or for any consequences arising from publication.

If you do not wish to give consent now or at a later date to your image being used in the above ways, please notify us in writing and fill in the form here.

We may still take photographs on the day but we will ensure that your images will be made un-identifiable. However, you might not be selected to participate to the event if you have not given your consent.

Final words

UniAdmissions is committed to the highest levels of customer service.  You are responsible for your own conduct at all times, and must always uphold the professional values of UniAdmissions when you are representing us – in particular, in maintaining a friendly, honest and helpful attitude with all UniAdmissions clients.  In the event you are unsure of something, the person responsible for you at the time will be more than willing to assist.  We reserve the right to adjust any tutor pay and/or terminate this agreement if conduct does not meet the high standards we expect in punctuality, professionalism and competence.

We thank you for joining our team, and look forward to working with you.

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