Oxbridge A-Level Tutoring

Once you’ve got your offer for Oxford or Cambridge, you’re at the final hurdle – achieving your A-Level offer grades. The UniAdmissions A-Level Academy Programme will help you ensure you hit your grades and are able to accept your dream offer at Oxbridge!

1-1 Tutoring Sessions

An Exam Success Specialist

Achieve Your Offer Grades

You will get support from tutors who have already achieved their offer grades and will help you hit yours.

Performance-Based Tuition

Our tutoring is based on performance. You will sit mock papers and be graded to assess where you need more support.

Exam Success Specialist

You'll get an exclusive session with our expert, William Wadsworth. He will help you maximise your exam performance.

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What is included in the

A-Level Academy?

You will get high-quality tutoring from Oxbridge tutors who have achieved stellar grades in their own A-Levels, and are experienced tutors. Depending on the hours you choose, alongside your expert one-to-one tuition and a session with our exam success specialist, your package may include a copy of the success exam textbook and/or access to the success exam academy

10 Hours

20 Hours

30 Hours

Get support for any A-Level subject.

Who will your tutor be?

As with our Oxbridge Programmes, your tutor will be selected carefully by our team based on various signals, such as your exam board, subjects, and aspirations.

All of UniAdmissions’ tutors are the best students from an already elite pool of Oxbridge students and graduates. You are in safe hands.

A selection Of Our Tutors:



Hattie Sexton








Your expert Exam Coach.

Meet Your New Study Mentor: William Wadsworth.

William achieved First Class Honours from Cambridge for Psychology – having studied the science of memory and productivity.

William is highly experienced in helping students find an easier path to success by translating neuroscience into highly practical study techniques that work.

A-level Academy Pricing

You can see a simple outline of the pricing of this Programme below. Get in touch with our team, or your Admissions Consultant (if you are an existing student) to get started.


One-Time Fee.

10 Hours
and achieve your A-Level offer grades.

One-Time Fee.

20 Hours
and achieve your A-Level offer grades.

One-Time Fee.

30 Hours
and achieve your A-Level offer grades.

Frequently Asked Questions

These A-Level Academy Programme is aimed at students who have recieved offers from universities, and the last step is to achieve their grades.

Since most courses at Oxford or Cambridge require top marks in A-Levels, these courses are aimed at students who are holding these offers.

Simply choose the best option for you and click on “Book Your Tutor” to complete your payment. Afterwards, you’ll receive a welcome email with the next steps to arrange your sessions with your expert tutor. 

All tutors are either current senior students, recent graduates or from a professional background. We consider a lot of different signals in order to match you with the most appropriate tutor so you can rest assured that you will be getting high-quality tuition.

Your exam success coach is William Wadsworth. He has supported students on UniAdmissions’ Programmes for several years and has a vast experience in helping students attain their best grades at exams. He is a Cambridge graduate who supports students full-time.

You will get access to online courses for the following subjects:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Further Maths
  • Economics

We aim to cover the syllabus for all major exam boards in the UK – these are OCR, AQA and Edexel.

These courses are delivered online through Zoom once you have been matched with your tutor.

We can provide support for any A-Level subject due to our vast tutor pool. If you are studying it, we can provide high-quality one-to-one tutoring for it.

If you are already a Programme student simply reach out to our team, or your Admissions Consultant and they will help you add A-Level tuition hours.