Scholarship Application Form

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Please take the time to fill this form out as accurately as possible.


UniAdmissions offer bursaries through our Foundation for hundreds of students each year, however, not all students looking to use our services are applicable to apply to the bursary.

The Scholarship was created to allow ambitious students, who cannot apply to our bursary, the opportunity to earn their place on one of our Programmes at a reduced fee or under a full scholarship.

Any student who fulfils the criteria laid out above is applicable to apply to the scholarship. Essentially, what we are looking for is an academically capable student who would truly benefit from attending Oxford or Cambridge.

The most significant portion of the application, and the component we consider most heavily in our decision, is the essay submission. There is no time limit, so you may spend however long you wish on your essay.

The essay cannot be more than 750 words long (+/- 10%).

To apply, you simply need to fill out the form will all of the information we ask for, and attach your essay submission.

  • Your essay is limited to 750 words (+/- 10%).
  • You should include references and sources where required.
  • The essay should be considered as you would an academic piece of work.
  • Your essay should be submitted via the application form. Entries via email will not be considered.

Due to our large tutor base, we are able to provide support for 95% of students and subjects. If you have students wishing to pursue more niche subjects, please contact us and we will be able to let you know whether we can accommodate for them.

We endeavour to review all applications in a timely manner, but a response can take up to 4 weeks as we carefully review each submission.

You can submit the application at any point throughout the year, however (if you are accepted), your scholarship programme will vary depending on what will be applicable at the time in relation to your application.

We have provided some example topics above, however, your essay submission should be closely related to your subject matter. For example, an applicant wishing to enrol on our Medicine Programme could write about “Soft skills for a doctor”.

You can submit your essay on any topic you wish, but keep in mind, the essay portion is the most highly considered by our team.

No, you may only submit one application to the Scholarship.