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The author, Kam Taj, is a renowned Oxbridge admissions expert.

8 principles to exam success

8 principles to help you manage your exam time, study and more.

Helpful Tips

Helpful tips to avoid stress, anxiety and demotivation.

Exam Success
  • 8 Basic principles to prepare for your exam
  • Helpful Insights
  • Achieve your ideal grades in the less stressful way
  • Written by Kam Taj, a Cambridge graduate and expert performance coach

Stress. Anxiety. Dread. Failure. Procrastination. Demotivation. These are all words that come to mind when we think about exams – and they’re EXACTLY what The Ultimate Guide To Exam Success will help you to overcome! This book was created to help YOU achieve your ideal grades in the least stressful way possible; to enable you to not only excel in your exams, but to stay mentally and physically healthy in the process.

Written by Kam Taj, a Cambridge graduate and expert performance coach, UniAdmissions is pleased to be able to offer these professional tips and tricks to beat the exam system and optimise your performance. Kam himself went from failing his A-Level Further Maths mock-exams to graduating from the University of Cambridge in 2015 with a 1st Class Degree in Engineering – and by using the 8 Principles outlined in the book, you can empower yourself to achieve exam success regardless of your past performance.

But be warned! There’s a LOT of content in this book. Why? Because we’ve tried to make it as USEFUL as we can – and we KNOW that whatever your challenge, you’ll find what you need within it.

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The Ultimate Guide to Exam Success


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