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The TSA past papers for the years 2008-2016 are freely available online. However, to save you the trouble of downloading lots of files, we’ve put them all into one easy-to-access folder for you. However, sometimes knowing the answer to a question isn’t that helpful- you need to know how and why it’s the correct answer.

Written for 2018 Entry, TSA Past Paper: Worked Solutions is the only book devoted to helping you solve past TSA questions. It contains detailed explanations for every question from 2008 – 2016 as well as comprehensive essay plans for section 2. These solutions contain valuable insight on how to approach difficult questions and also walk you through the most efficient methods for rapidly getting the correct answer. Filled with examples of time saving techniques and score boosting strategies, this is a MUST-BUY for anyone using past papers as part of their TSA preparation.

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