NSAA Past & Mock Papers

NSAA Past Papers

The NSAA past papers for years 2016 and the specimen paper is freely available online. However, to save you the trouble of downloading lots of files, we’ve put them all into one easy-to-access downloadable folder for you. Just select them at the bottom of this page and add them to your cart.

NSAA Mock Papers

Fully Worked Solutions

Detailed answers to all MCQs so you can see the best ways to approach every question

Full Mock Papers

Written by experts who scored in the top 10% and with years of teaching experience

Updated for 2018

Reviewed and tested to ensure they accurately reflect the style and difficulty of the real exam

Written by our NSAA experts who scored in the top 10% of the country, our full mock NSAA papers simulate the format of the real exam. Updated for 2018, these two papers allow you to get invaluable practice with the style and difficulty of NSAA questions. 

All Papers and Solutions are automatically sent electronically as soon as you complete your order.

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