Oxbridge Interview Course

4 Mock Interviews, 4 Hours Small Group Tuition in one Intensive Day

If you’re looking to prepare for your Oxford or Cambridge interview in a short space of time, this course is perfect for you. Get 4 x 30 Minute Mock Interviews with Full Written Feedback and 4 hours of small group tuition. You are taught vital techniques and strategies to answer commonly asked interview questions. All teaching is done by senior Oxbridge tutors and we limit group size to maximum 8 students so you get the individual attention you need.

  • Oxbridge Interview Course Structure

    Before the Day: Read through your personal statement and bring 2 copies for your mock interviews.

    1000 – 1015: Registration

    1015 – 1030: Presentation: The Key to Interview Success

    1030 – 1130: Tutorial: Dealing with Unknown Source Material

    1145 –  1245: 2 x Individual Mock Interviews

    1245 – 1330: Lunch

    1330 – 1430: Humanities: Advancing arguments tutorial , Sciences: Calculations and Estimations tutorial

    1445 – 1545: 2 x Individual Mock Interviews

    1600 – 1645: Subject Oriented Tutorial

    1645 – 1730: Dealing with Tricky Questions

    1730 – 1800: Debrief and Finish

  • Dealing with Unknown Material

    You are likely to be given materials (texts, images, graphs, models) to examine and interpret in your interview. These aren’t designed to test knowledge but a test of your ability to think laterally and generate novel ideas. Thus, your tutor will expose you to a variety of unknown materials so that you have a solid framework on how to approach them.

  • Humanities Tutorial: Advancing Arguments

    It is often said that there is no ‘right’ answer at an Oxbridge interview and this is especially applicable for humanities. The interviews will test your ability to present, substantiate and defend arguments – this is an essential skill that many students find difficult. We will use a variety of examples to show you how to approach a topic and argue for your opinion. You’ll get a better idea of how to develop and strengthen your arguments without falling into traps set by the interviewer.

  • Subject Oriented Tutorials

    This is an intensive 45 minutes tutorial designed to stretch you intellectually beyond the confines of the A level specification. Your Oxbridge tutor will go over challenging topics and interview questions and discuss the best strategies to answering them.

    For example, an English tutorial may discuss how war has shaped literature in the 20th century or an economics tutorial may focus on what caused the recession and if it was preventable.  A medicine tutorial may discuss the paradox that radiotherapy is used to treat cancer although radiation is known to cause cancer. Or a physics tutorial may discuss ways in which you might calculate the mass of the Earth. A chemistry tutorial may focus on why all known life is based on carbon rather than any other element.

    The tutorials will explore multiple topics to increase your breadth and depth of knowledge so that you have a diverse portfolio of things to discuss at interview.


  • The Key to Interview Success

    The key to interview success is to know why they are used in the first place; you have to stop treating them as an annoying barrier that has to be crossed. Instead look at it as an oral exam that tests lateral thinking, your ability to convey ideas and most importantly your motivation for your subject.

    Our senior Oxbridge tutor will discuss what Oxbridge colleges are looking for when they interview applicants – and then teach strategies for demonstrating these qualities.

  • Individual Mock Interviews

    This is an invaluable opportunity to put everything that you’ve learned into practice. You get four individual mock interviews with Oxbridge tutors. At the end of each mock interview, you are given detailed written and oral feedback along with suggestions for improvement. You will leave with a greater understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and a list of things you can do at home to improve. You can discuss your feedback and ask any lingering questions at the debrief session at the end of the day.

  • Sciences Tutorial: Calculations and Estimations

    Most science applicants are asked to do some form of calculation or estimation in their interview. Initially, these may appear impossible e.g. How many litres of water is there in the world? but we will teach you some very powerful strategies that you can employ to make these type of questions far easier. In addition, you’re also taught how to minimise your chances of making mistakes during calculations and also how to structure your answers so that they are presented in a clear and logical manner.

  • Dealing with Tricky Questions

    Oxbridge interviews are renowned for their obscure questions such as “How do we know the moon isn’t made out cheese?” or “How is DNA like sheet music?“. As you might imagine, there are no ‘correct’ answers to theses- but there are certainly incorrect responses. We will use a  variety of difficult past interview questions to show you the best way to answer these types of questions.


The Ultimate Oxbridge Interview Course

Expert Tutors with the Best Resources Available

The Ultimate Oxbridge Interview Guide is a 300+ page book with first hand advice from expert tutors and over 900 past Oxbridge interview questions

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Mock Interviews

4 x Full Mock Practice interviews so that you can put the skills you’ve learned in action

Small Groups

Small group size so that you get the individual attention you need

Full Written Feedback

Detailed written feedback so you can identify and focus on the areas that you need to improve

Experienced Oxbridge tutors dedicated to perfecting your interview technique

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Ongoing Support

Access to your expert tutor till the day of your interview so you’re never alone or stuck

Students who attended the course last year got Oxbridge offers (vs. 18% average)
Hundreds of students LOVED our Oxbridge Interview Course last year
Nearly everyone who attended the course would recommend it to their friends

Common Questions

  • ``What materials and resources do you provide?``

    Everyone who attends our course gets an ecopy of the Ultimate Oxbridge Interview Guide that consists of strategies for tackling frequently asked questions, how to approach difficult questions, a guide to calculations (science subjects) or advancing arguments (humanities) and 900+ previously asked Oxbridge interview questions.

  • ``The course I want to attend is fully booked- is there any way you can fit me in?``

    We get asked this a lot but the answer is always a no. In order to guarantee that group sizes don’t exceed 8 students/group, we don’t allow any over-bookings. To avoid disappointment, we recommend you book early or you can also look at Individual Interview Tuition instead. 

  • ``The course isn't near me/I am not available on the course dates.``

    Don’t worry! This happens every year as our courses get fully booked quickly. We can arrange a private course for you using a combination of individual interview tuition and individual mock interviews. Please contact us and we will work something out.

  • ``Will this course help me prepare for Medical interviews?``

    Whilst the skills you learn in this course can certainly be employed in your other medical interviews, there aren’t any sessions targeted specifically at topics that come up at traditional medical interviews e.g. medical ethics and situational questions. In some cases we may be able to arrange traditional medical mock interviews if you let us know in advance however, if you’d like more focused preparation for traditional medical interviews we would recommend you book onto our Medical Interviews course as well.

  • ``What makes your course different to others?``

    Apart from our excellent tutors and materials, we are the only company who will guarantee small groups (8 or less students). As far as we know, no one else offers such intensive tuition in small groups at this price- most other courses will have 20+ students (sometimes up to 100!) which doesn’t really allow you to ask questions and direct the course to how you want it. Additionally, we offer 4 individual mock interviews and unique subject oriented tutorials throughout the day.

  • ``What is your cancellation policy if I haven't been invited for an interview?``

    We understand that booking a long time in advance for an interview course is a bit risky, especially if in the end you don’t get called in for interviews. That’s why we have a special cancellation policy for these courses. You will be entitled to a full refund provided you let us know at least 5 working days in advance. If you let us know less than 5 working days in advance then we unfortunately won’t be able to issue a refund.

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2018 Oxbridge Interview Course Dates

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Sunday 18th November

Birkbeck University, London


Sunday 25th November

Birkbeck University, London


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