How Is Natural Science Taught?

The Natural Science Tripos at Cambridge is a unique course offered at the institution. Understanding how it is taught will help prospective students gain valuable insight into what is ahead.

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Natural Sciences Personal Statement Guide

Nailing your Natural Sciences Personal Statement is a key factor to a successful application. When applying to university, you will need to submit a Personal Statement to UCAS. If you look at the figures below from UCAS, it is clear that you need to make your application stand out. Your Personal Statement is one of the best opportunities you have to do this.

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How to Prepare for the Physics NSAA

For many students, the world-famous environment of the University of Cambridge is the place par excellence to study Natural Sciences.
Competition for a place at Cambridge is fierce and many applicants have over 90% UMS in all their A-levels. But how does the Physics section of the NSAA prepare?

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