How to prepare for the Chemistry NSAA

Cambridge is a fantastic place to study Natural Sciences, studying in a historic environment while learning from world-renowned tutors.
Before you get there, however, you must make your way through the minefield of the Cambridge admissions process, including the Natural Sciences Admissions Assessment (NSAA). This is where the NSAA comes in.

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How to prepare for Biology NSAA

So you want to study Natural Sciences at Cambridge, but how do you start preparing for the NSAA exam? With the amount of competition for places at Cambridge, the NSAA (Natural Sciences Admissions Assessment) can be a crucial part of any student’s application and can be the final determinant of whether or not they receive an offer.

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nsaa section 2

Section 2 of the NSAA

The questions in Section 2 of the NSAA are designed to test you, taking you out of your comfort zone. In addition to the basic knowledge required for Section 1, in NSAA Section 2 you will need to apply basic scientific principles in unfamiliar contexts. All questions in NSAA Section 2 require you to have knowledge of Section 1A Mathematics.

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