NSAA Intensive Course & Online NSAA Course

UniAdmissions provides two forms of insightful NSAA course, our Intensive Course and Online Academy. Each of these courses provides a unique way of learning and preparing for your NSAA. Every NSAA Programme offered by UniAdmissions will give you access to both of these NSAA courses, giving you everything you need to get a great NSAA score.

NSAA Intensive Course

Small Groups.

Fully interactive 8 hour seminar that guides you through all sections of the NSAA.

Expert NSAA Tutors

Taught and completely written by Cambridge Natural Science experts who scored in the top 10% of their NSAA year group nationally.

Comprehensive NSAA Resources Included.

Get access to 10 hours of video lectures and resources such as the bestselling Ultimate NSAA Collection, mock papers and more!

This course is reserved for students enrolled on our Natural Science Programme or NSAA Programme. Join here.

Online NSAA Course

10 Hours of Online Lectures.

Pre-recorded online lectures, covering both sections of the NSAA in depth, are delivered by expert tutors.

550 Practice Questions

With fully Worked Solutions, and also includes ongoing tutor support until your test.

Ongoing Tutor Support

Ask your tutor about any questions and concerns you have right up until your NSAA exam so you’re never alone or lost.

This course is reserved for students enrolled on our Natural Science Programme or NSAA Programme. Join here.

Full Day NSAA Course

The NSAA intensive course is a fully interactive seminar that guides you through all sections of the NSAA, teaching you time-saving techniques and strategies to help you succeed. You’ll cover your ability to understand and interpret information, analysing data and reasoning skills.

Written by our Oxbridge experts to reflect the NSAA syllabus and updated for the real exam as closely as possible so you can to practice what you’ve learned!

10 hours worth of Online lectures that you can watch and re-watch to learn key strategies + concepts from our expert NSAA tutors. All tutor scored in the top 10% of the country.

The Ultimate NSAA Collection is the most comprehensive book available for though applying to Cambridge. The book has over 750 practice questions alongside expert advice. 

Get access to our expert tutors 24/7 up until the date of your exam. You are never alone with UniAdmissions.

The NSAA is a test of time as much as knowledge. The course will teach you valuable time-saving methods to score higher.

Our course is designed to help you gain marks most students won’t, giving you the edge over other candidates.

NSAA Intensive Course Schedule:

1015 – 1030: Arrival, Registration and Resources

1030 – 1200: Biology

1200 – 1330: Chemistry

1330 – 1400: Lunch

1400 – 1530: Maths

1730 – 1805: Debrief and Finish

"When I got my offer from Cambridge, I knew it was all worth it. Thank you UniAdmissions."
Offer from Cambridge for Natural Science.

1. Learn

Watch the HD lectures and learn about the topic in question in-depth. Take notes and listen carefully.

2. Consolidate

Take your notes from the lectures and condense the information into smaller formats.

3. Practice

Practice some questions and keep in mind the strategies and tipes you have noted down and consolidated.

4. Support

If you get stuck, you can contact your NSAA tutor to talk you through the issue with expert guidance.

"Motivating tutoring sessions and excellent online resources and webinars. I'm sure the collective efforts that have been made will result in offers at leading universities. Thank you for the support."
From Trustpilot.

NSAA Online Course & Question Bank

The NSAA Academy Course contains all the content of a traditional in-person course in one single easy-to-use online package – available as soon as you enrol to the Natural Science Programme

Learn from the comfort of your home at a pace that suits you, rewind if you want to hear something again and re-watch the sections you need the most help with.

Detailed answers to 550 practice questions and past papers. Learn time-saving techniques, master critical thinking and more.

You’ll receive a dedicated expert NSAA personal tutor who will be on hand to answer your questions by email right up until the day of your exam. You’ll never be alone or stuck in your preparation again. 

Our online course reflects the latest test specifications, so you can rest assured your preparation will be relevant for this year’s test!

Frequently Asked Questions About NSAA Courses

In order to get access to both the NSAA Intensive Course and NSAA Online Course, you will need to enrol on the UniAdmissions Natural Science Programme. You can start this by booking a free consultation with our team of consultants here.

You can start the Online Course as soon as you enrol on one of our Programme. You’ll be automatically emailed all the resources and can start studying with the online lectures straightaway. You will also be provided with dates for the Intensive Course.

The NSAA Intensive Course is designed to boost your NSAA score in a short space of time. You will be taught by expert NSAA tutors who have already scored in the top 10%, so know how to do well in the exam. The schedule above shows you how the day will run.

The NSAA Academy is a set of pre-recorded lectures and videos which take you through the NSAA exam from start to finish. This course serves as a fantastic starting point for your exam, and also provides some more advanced tips.

Written by our NSAA experts who scored in the top 10%, our full mock NSAA papers simulate the format of the real exam. Always updated, they allow you to get invaluable practice with the style and difficulty of questions. 

Of course! We are here to support you not just on the course day, but all the way until you have finished your exam.

Want to learn more about how to enrol and get access to the NSAA online and Intensive course? Speak with our team instantly on Livechat by clicking the button below.