LNAT Results

This post will explain the process of you receiving your LNAT results and how these results will be used by your chosen universities. The LNAT

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Getting Started With Law Terminology

There are many forms of law in which you can specialise: here is a sample of the terminology and fields you may encounter. Remember that a career in law is very competitive, so any opportunity to stand out from other applicants is key, and that can be through a deeper understanding of the subject.

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What Studying Law At Cambridge Is Really Like

There were many questions regarding the Cambridge Law degree that I wanted to be answered before I started. How many lecturers do you have? Is the workload at Cambridge unbearable? To answer these questions, we have an explanation provided by a third-year Cambridge Law student who covers the key areas that you need to know.

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studying law in poitiers

Undecided between Law and Languages?

Studying law with a year abroad may be the happy compromise you’re looking for… One of the hardest things about applying to university is choosing what to study: I was torn between Law and Modern Languages. However, Cambridge offers students the opportunity to spend a year abroad at universities across Europe as part of the Erasmus programme.

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