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Triple your chances of LNAT success with our personalised, one-on-one tuition.

30 Hours of Individual Subject-specific Tuition. Get fully tailored one-on-one LNAT tuition from an Oxbridge expert tutor, focused on your weaknesses and strengths.

6 Hours of HD Online Lectures.  Your tuition includes access to the LNAT Online Course so you can consolidate your learning at your own pace.

The Ultimate LNAT Guides. Our best selling LNAT Ultimate guide packed with 400 practice questions.

Personalised and to the point.

With UniAdmissions you will get a fully customised, one-to-one tuition programme delivered by expert tutors to ensure you have the best possible chance of achieving that dream place. You’ll get 30 hours of expert support for your LNAT Test – all tailored to your specific circumstances and requirements. Additionally, you will receive expert support in the form of access to our online course, ongoing support 24/7 from your dedicated tuition manager, a paperback copy of our best selling book and more. 

Receive 30 hours of one-on-one LNAT tuition completely tailored to your specific needs, strengths and weaknesses by an expert Oxbridge tutor who scored in the top 10% nationally during their test year.

Online lectures that you can watch and re-watch to learn key strategies + concept.

Our best selling LNAT Ultimate guide packed with 400 practice questions, LNAT Practice Papers for extra revision and LNAT Fully Worked Solutions for every past paper.

Practice and test your knowledge with 4 included mock papers that mirror the 2019 LNAT test as closely as possible.

With UniAdmissions, you are never alone. You will get email access to an expert tutor 24/7 in case you get stuck or have any questions until the day of your test.

Your tuition will be completely tailored to your specific circumstances. You can distribute your hours as you prefer, focusing on areas where you feel you need more help.

30 Hours of Expert Support

Our LNAT Tuition gives you the best possible chance of getting the highest score. You can use your hours how you see fit; here's an example of 30 hours expert tuition:

Section A of the LNAT tests you skills of comprehension, interpretation and deduction. Your tutor will teach you expert tips and strategies to complete the section in time with the highest possible score.

Section B of the LNAT test gives students a choice of 3 multiple choice questions. With only 45 minutes to write the essay, students don’t have much time. Our expert tutors will teach you how to effectively write an essay in the time provided, along with section specific tips such as picking the correct question to play to your strengths.

You will be taught vital techniques and strategies to answer commonly asked interview questions. All teaching is done by senior Oxbridge tutors.

You’ll get access to all of our online resources which will give you plenty of practise on top of the support we will provide.

You will receive 3 paperback books;

  • The Ultimate LNAT Guide
  • LNAT Test Past Papers with Fully Worked Solutions
  • LNAT Practice Papers

The LNAT guide contains powerful time-saving strategies that allow you to answer difficult questions within the time limit as well a massive amount of practice questions written in the style and difficulty of the real exams. The fully worked solutions allow you to look over all past papers to see in-depth solutions. LNAT Practice Papers will allow you to have further revision beyond the specimen papers. All are vital when it comes to your LNAT test preparation.

We work only with the best tutors

Our tutors are the core of our service: they drive our industry-leading admissions statistics, bring unique Oxbridge expertise and go above and beyond to guide students into the most competitive courses in the world. As a result, we select only the most driven and successful Oxbridge tutors to join our elite pool of professionals. We only work with experienced, passionate tutors who have scored in the top 10% nationally in Oxbridge admissions tests. To ensure they can teach effectively, we utilise challenging selection interviews to select personable, charismatic tutors who have natural teaching ability, as well as the academic brilliance that led them to Oxbridge.


How do we continue to expertly match these tutors to you, the students? The secret lies in our dedicated tutor management software, TutorCruncher. This platform enables our tutors to generate a personal profile of their skills and expertise; once a new student books a tuition programme, the tutors then apply, akin to a professional job advertisement. This enables us to select the very best tutors out of those who apply. This system has a number of benefits for our students:

Fast, efficient process of tutor selection.

We select the best tutors from an already elite group, based on your subject and University preferences.

Transparency of investment: tutors produce reports after every session to monitor progress.

Only proactive, enthusiastic tutors engage with TutorCruncher.

Automation and data analysis means we are constantly improving the process.

LNAT Tuition Frequently Asked Questions

The LNAT essay is frequently neglected by lots of students, normally because they don’t like writing essays and have never really been taught how to do so. The essay is actually quite straightforward and easy to do well on if students follow a routine. Before the session, I ask the student to write a timed essay and bring it with them. This allows me to gauge their level and pitch my teaching appropriately. We use their essay as an example of good and bad things – e.g. how much space is used to answer each part of the question, the strength of the introduction, breadth vs. depth of argument. I stress to them the importance of planning essays and we then plan several essays together. We then conclude by examining good and bad introductions and conclusions to the same essay title so they can see the impact of starting and finishing an essay well. I finish by setting them 2 further essays to do at home which we review in the next session.

Linda, LNAT Tutor

You’ll get 4 full LNAT Practice Papers and our exclusive LNAT Book that has 400 practice questions and advice from our expert tutors. Finally, you’ll also get access to LNAT On-Demand: our online lecture series. Along with all of this, you will also receive unlimited essay marking for Section B.

Usually in a location that’s convenient for you and your tutor in Central London. We also have tutors based in Cambridge and Oxford. If you’re not near these locations, you can get tutoring via Skype.

“One common scenario that frequently crops up is struggling with critical thinking. To start off, I first go over what each of the important keywords mean, e.g. Assumption, Flaw, Conclusion etc. Then we start by looking at relatively simple examples and then slowly build into harder ones. I point out key words that are usually ‘hidden-away’ in the passage that often change the answer and then we examine more difficult questions (usually of a greater length). When they start getting these right, I do timed drills to see if they can use the skills they’ve acquired under time pressure. This does wonders for confidence and I finish the session with some homework that includes more critical thinking questions which we review in the next session.”

Megan, LNAT Tutor

Absolutely, and we’d encourage you to do so.
Make sure you give your tutor enough notice (at least 5 days) for them to prepare the appropriate materials.

If you haven’t had your first session yet, call our team on 020 8064 0770 to start things off. Your dedicated tuition manager will match you with a tutor that is best suited for your needs and call or email you to confirm the time and location of the first tutorial. This is usually done within 24 hours.

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