The The Law National Aptitude Test (LNAT) is a two and a quarter hour computer based exam that is taken by applicants to Law schools. The questions are randomly selected from a huge question bank. Since every LNAT test is unique, candidates can sit the LNAT at different times.

For law courses, choosing the best applicants is hard. Every year, law courses are flooded with talented applicants, all of whom have top grades and great personal statements. They felt they needed extra information to help them find the very best applicants. That’s why admissions tests were created.

The LNAT test was first introduced in 2004 to help some universities make their choices. It examines skills in different areas, all of which are related to reasonind abilities. The idea was to create a pure aptitude test, something which cannot be prepared for. However this is certainly not the case with the LNAT test. In our experience, you can improve your LNAT Score with only a small amount of work, and with proper organised preparation the results can be fantastic.

You register to sit the LNAT test online and book a time slot. On the day, bring along a printout of your test booking confirmation and arrive in good time. Your identity will be checked against a photographic ID that you’ll need to bring. You then leave your personal belongings in a locker and enter the test room. Make sure you go to the toilet and have a drink before going in, to save wasting time during the test.

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LNAT Dates
Scoring System
LNAT Results
Exam Structure

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Section A: Argumentative Analysis
Section B: Essay Writing [/su_spoiler]

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How to Prepare
How to Revise
How to Choose a LNAT Course
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Argumentative Analysis Tips & Practice Questions
Essay Writing Tips & Practice Questions

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How to Practice
Practice Test
LNAT Past Papers
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Intensive LNAT Course
LNAT Online Course
Individual Tuition
Ultimate LNAT Book
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