Essay Competition & Submission Form

Since UniAdmissions' students are a bright bunch of keen and highly capable students, we've decided to run an essay competition!

Unlike most essay competitions, this is open to students from all subjects rather than just Humanities.

To get involved, pick your essay question (over on the right) and write no more than 1,000 words.

Simply submit by Monday 16th August 2021 to be in with a chance to win. All students who enter will also get a certificate.

We look forward to receiving your essays! May the games commence!

1st Prize

10 hours of 1-1 tuition.

2nd Prize

2 x Expert Mock Interviews

3rd Prize

1 x Expert Mock Interview


'Can M&S monopolise Colin the Caterpillar?'


'In 2200, all cultures have merged into one. What happened?'


'Solve the world's greatest economic challenge faced today.'


'Do the three laws of robotics stand?'


'How long can humans live?'


'Covid-19 has only done harm. Discuss.'

The Essay Questions

Please take the time to fill this form out as accurately as possible.