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ECAA Academy Course

All the benefits of our classroom ECAA course, online. Only available with enrollment on the Economics Programme.

5 Hours of Online Lectures. The ECAA Academy Course offers all the content of a traditional course in a single easy-to-use online package.

 300 Practice Questions with Fully Worked Solutions. Practice and practice with ongoing tutor support until your test.

2 Full Mock Tests. Written by our Oxbridge experts to reflect the ECAA syllabus and updated for 2019 to mirror the real exam as closely as possible.

Wherever. Whenever. Even on the go.

The ECAA Academy Course offers all the content of a traditional course in a single easy-to-use online package – available only with our Ecnomics Programme. The online videos are just like the classroom course, ready to watch and re-watch at home or on-the-go.  You’ll get full access to all our ECAA resources, including 2 Full Mock Tests, 5 Hours of Online Lectures, 300 Practice Questions with Fully Worked Solutions and ongoing tutor support until your test.

Written by our Oxbridge experts to reflect the ECAA syllabus and updated for 2019 to mirror the real exam as closely as possible so you can to practice what you’ve learned!

5 hours worth of online lectures that you can watch and re-watch to learn key strategies and concepts from our expert ECAA tutors. All tutor scored in the top 10% of the country.

Included is our ECAA Ultimate guide is a 250+ page book packed with 300 practice questions and advice written by our ECAA experts. Available as e-book or paperback.

Email access to your expert, dedicated ECAA personal tutor who will help and answer your questions until the day of your exam so you’re never alone or stuck.

Learn powerful short-cuts and score boosting strategies so that you never run out of time again.

Our online course reflects the latest test specifications, so you can rest assured your preparation will be relevant for this year’s test!

ECAA 300+ Practice Questions





Fully worked answers

In-depth solutions for every single question.

Don’t just get the answer, get the reasons why to understand the concept.

Always updated for the latest test cycle.

UniAdmissions’ courses are always up to date with the latest test specifications.

Time saving tips to gain valuable marks.

We teach you how to beat the clock and gain marks most students won’t.

1. Learn

Watch the HD lectures and learn about the topic in question in-depth. Take notes and listen carefully.

2. Consolidate

Take your notes from the lectures and condense the information into smaller formats. Keep doing this.

3. Practice

Practice some questions and keep in mind the strategies and tips you have noted down and consolidated.

4. Support

If you get stuck, you can contact a ECAA tutor to talk you through the issue with expert guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone who signs up to the ECAA Academy Course gets 2 Past Papers with worked answers and our exclusive ECAA E-Book that contains 300 practice questions.

You can start as soon as you checkout. You’ll be automatically emailed all the resources and can start studying with the online lectures straightaway.

Throughout the course, you’ll get access to a dedicated ECAA tutor who will be responsible for answering all your questions. If you ever get stuck, they’ll be able to help you. The ongoing support does not include ECAA essay marking but this can be booked here instead.


Most people are able to go through the course in two weeks. You can obviously do it quicker but it’s important to not rush it – take your time and make use of all the available resources to ensure you get the best possible mark.

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