Full Day Small Group ECAA Course

If you’re looking to improve your ECAA score in a short space of time, our ECAA intensive course is perfect for you. The ECAA intensive course is a fully interactive seminar that guides you through sections of the ECAA, teaching you time-saving techniques and strategies to help you succeed.

In this ECAA crash course, you are taught by our experienced ECAA experts, who are Cambridge Economists. This provides ideal ECAA preparation for test day.

All Topics Covered

Covers all ECAA topics including maths, economics and essay writing

Time Saving Techniques

Learn powerful short-cuts and score boosting strategies so that you never run out of time again

Ongoing Support

Email access to your expert tutor until the day of your exam so you’re never alone or stuck

The ECAA intensive course is a crash course that focuses on areas that you can most benefit from improving. Your tutor will ensure you get personal help with whatever part of the ECAA you find hardest.

1015 – 1030: Registration

1030 – 1300: Problem Solving

1300- 1330: Lunch

1330- 1600: Maths

1600- 1730: Essay Section

1730 – 1800: Debrief and Finish

The vast majority of MCQs are either problem solving, data handling or critical thinking. Whilst this section is renowned for being difficult to prepare for, we’ll teach you common shortcuts and techniques you can use to save valuable time on these type of questions. We go over common types of question that tend to come up every year and show you how to get to the correct answer quickly and efficiently.

You have just under 2 minutes per question so most students are usually able to finish the majority of questions in time. However, some questions are very tricky and can be a big drain on your limited time. This is usually why people don’t finish and therefore perform as well as they could in this section. Therefore, you are taught to identify which questions are going to be easy and quick to do. This allows you to score easy marks and not spend time on the difficult ones until the end.

Even good students struggle with ECAA Maths as it forces them to work under extreme time pressure which results in silly mistakes (compounded by not finishing the paper). As the start of the maths part of the course, we go through they key themes in ECAA maths like graphing, functions, basic calculus to make sure everyone is on the same level. We then focus on tricky questions and use them as examples to show how most maths questions have a ‘short-cut’ built into them to allow you to save time. The latter half of the session focuses on further time-saving techniques as well as finishing up with a list of core equations and identities that you must know for the ECAA maths section. Finally, there is a chance to put what you’ve learned into practice and consolidate your learning by reviewing additional ECAA questions.

The Essay is frequently neglected by lots of students, who choose to spend their time revising for the MCQs instead. However, it has a higher return per hour of work than Section 1 so is well worth putting time into. Whilst different questions will inevitably demand differing levels of comprehension and knowledge, it is important to realise that one of the major skills being tested is actually your ability to construct a logical and coherent argument- and to convey it to the lay-reader.

We will teach you crucial strategies and provide a framework that you can use to answer any essay that turns up in the exam. You’ll also see examples of good and bad essays- including introductions and conclusions so you can start to appreciate what the admissions tutors are looking for. If you’d like more help- we’ll be more than happy to help after the course too!


Amy graduated with a First Class from Trinity Hall, Cambridge in Economics in 2016 and was awarded the Harcourt Prize and the John B.Landsell Prize for Economics. She is currently an Assistant Economist working at the Government Economic Service in the Ministry of Justice and has also tutored students for a number of years, helping applicants through the challenging process.


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We get asked this a lot and regrettably we are unable to because of our commitment to keep group sizes manageable for our tutors. Our courses get booked several months in advance at times so to avoid disappointment, we recommend you book early or you can also look at ECAA Individual Tuition.



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