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Offer from Oxford, King’s College and Imperial


Gemma applied to read Medicine at Oxford University in 2015. She wanted a more intensive preparation period and so started preparations with UniAdmissions in September after her summer holidays. She got 3 offers from Oxford, King’s College and Imperial and is now a 2nd year at Oxford. 




Personal Statement

As Gemma deadlines were closer, the first session was focused on polishing it off and getting it in its final stage. Naomi who is an oxford medical graduate undertook the task. Naomi was then able to give specific targeted advice and helped redraft the statement for maximum impact. 


Madhi – who is a second year medic at Emmanuel College, Cambridge and achieved a perfect score in section 2 of the BMAT – presented Gemma with physics questions as she didn’t study physics after her GCSE. Shows able to improve rapidly in the physics subsection with some targeted preparation such as: remembering all the core equations that can be examined in the BMAT; understanding major physics principles, simplifying complex topics e.g electric circuits and newtonian mechanics. Which practice, physics becomes as easy as the other sections. 






In this session Gemma focussed on the UCAT Abstract Reasoning Section with David. She was confused and frusted over the section because it cannot ‘be solved’. However, by following a simply system, the answer can be found for approximately 90% of the questions within the time limit. Before the session, Gemma was asked to read through the Abstract Reasoning Section in the UCAT book which introduces the system with some worked examples. They then started off with simple patterns (e.g. number of edges, direction of arrows) and then slowly built up to the more complex second order patterns. 


MMIs are a great way to cover several topics in one session, as well as give Gemma some time pressure to help refine her answers further. Sarina, currently a 4th year medical student, worked through several topics that covered things that Gemma was comfortable with and not, giving her an opportunity to apply the skills she’d been working on over the last fortnight. Finally, we arranged 4 x 1 Hour Mock Interviews for her with Oxbridge Medical Graduate Tutors to ensure she had the best preparation possible before her real interviews. 

Sarina Manchester Medicine Tutor



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