Case studies

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Ginger haired female student.


Applied for Engineering (H100)


Offers from Oxford, Lancaster & Warwick.


Camille felt like she was in a good position to apply for Engineering at Oxford. She continually got a good grades throught her school life but wanted an extra helping hand and confidence boost when it came to her university application. Engineering applicants for Oxford see only an 18% success rate – Camille wanted to ensure she was in that 18%!





Personal Statement

Christina was Camille’s tutor for her personal statement. Christina is an accomplished tutor with several years of experience and double first from Cambridge. Christina worked with Camille to improve her personal statement. They changed the structure together and improved the content resulting in a very strong statement. 


Leandro was Camille’s second tutor. Leandro is a final year student of Mathematics from Oxford. He was worked as a lecture in the past, along with tutoring for many years. Leandro focused on the PAT test with Camille. The PAT (Physical Aptitude Test) consist of Maths and Physics questions; although Camille was always a strong performer in school, there are some topics that are not covered by every exam board so she dad some learning to do. Leandro worked with Camille to identify her weakest topics and created some bespoke test in the style of PAT for her to complete, focusing on these areas. Focused teaching like this eneable Camille to score very highly on the PAT.






James was Camille’s final tutor. James is a physics master’s student at Cambridge, having attained a First-Class BSc in Physics with an 85% average from Durham. james arranged for Camille to have some mock interviews with other engineering tutors, each on a different engineering topic. The tutors gave their detailed written feedback after each 30 minute session with Camille. James and Camille found there was a lot to improve on; Camille wasn’t giving specific answers although she had experiences she could draw upon. James worked on every piece of feedback given to Camille and this result in Camille’s final interview being considered “a strong performance” by the interviewer.

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