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Offer from Cambridge, UCL, Imperial and Cardiff.


Callum applied to read Medicine Clare College, Cambridge in 2016. He started preparing with UniAdmissions in early June. This gave him enough time to work through the online resources and then arrange his tuitions for each component of his application ensuring optimal preparation. Callum went on to get offers from Cambridge, UCL, Imperial and Cardiff and is now a medical student at Cambridge. 



Jonas Imperial Medicine Tutor


Personal Statement

Callum had tuitions with Jonas who is a Doctor that recently graduated from Cambridge. Jonas analysed Callum’s personal statement and advised on structure, style and sections to rework. Jonas helped Callum put emphasis on his personal experience and his motivation for studying medicine.  


Callum was working on the UCAT with Zenab who is now sixth year medical student at UCL having completed her pre-medical years at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge. She helped Callum with verbal reasoning which he was struggling with. She showed him relatively simple examples to aid slowly building into the more challenging examples; pointing out key words that are usually ‘hidden-away’ in the passage that often change the answer. Then they did time drills to see if Callum could use the skills he’d acquired under time pressure. This did wonders for his confidence and they finished the session with some homework that includes more verbal reasoning questions.

zenab Medicine Cambridge Tutor






Callum’s third tutor was Millie, currently studying Medicine at Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge. Callum struggled with writing essays and had never really been taught how to do so. Before the session, Millie asked Callum to write a timed essay and bring it with him. This allowed her to gauge his level and pitched her teaching appropriately. She used the essay as an example of good and bad things- e.g. how much space is used to answer each part of the question, the strength of the introduction, breadth vs. depth of argument. She finished be setting 2 further essays to do at home which they reviewed in the next session. 


With MMIs now increasingly popular, Heather helped Callum with Cardiff MMI interview. Heather splitted the 60 minute session into several smaller segments and conduced short 5-8 minute mock interviews focusing on multiple varied topics that tested Callum in lots of different situations (e.g. Tell Mr Smith he has 3 months to live). We then arranged a further 4 x 1 hour Oxbridge style mock interviews for Callum allowing him to consolidate knowledge that he’d worked on over the last month. These all took place with different Oxbridge Medical Graduate tutors to ensure he would be ready for his set of real Cambridge interviews. 



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