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Applied for Economics (L100)


Offer from Cambridge, Durham & Nottingham


There are just 155 applicants accepted at Cambridge’s Economics course. This translates to around 6 applications per place, making the going very tough! Alicia has enjoyed very good grades with economics throughout GCSE and A-levels but wanted to ensure her application stood out amongst the many applicants so she came to UniAdmissions.




Personal Statement

Alicia’s application was looking good in terms of grades, but her personal statement lacked character – something Oxbridge Universities look out for! Alicia’s tutor, Jared, was able to pinpoint many instances of things Alicia should hace included in her statement but didn’t! Unlimited re-drafts and reviews transformed her statement into a very strong one. 


The ECAA is an important metric for Cambridge when considering applicants to their economics course. Alicia didn’t want to leave it to chance so she choose to spend a lot of her tuition hours on preparing. Her tutor, Andrew was able to provide Alicia with many learning materials and past papers to work on in her own time. Before they began learning sessions, he gauged her knowledge with a practice paper. This showed Andrew where Alicia needed the most help. Once identified, they focused on her problem areas and made sure these sections were not an issue. This targeted revision ended up with Alicia hitting a score that would have been in the top 5% nationally the year before! 






The interview at Cambridge for economics can be very difficult. Our tutor, Harini, was able to fill Alicia in her experiences and where she felt she lacked in her interview. Alicia was placed into 4 mock interviews, all woth Cambridge economics tutor. The four interviews covered Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Politics and her Personal Statement. This provided valuable experience and allowed Alicia to see where she needed some improvement. She found the written feedback from each interview very useful, and went through these with Harini to ensure she did well. 

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