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BMAT Academy Course

The BMAT Academy Course offers all the content of a traditional course in a single easy-to-use online package with our expert Oxbridge tuition and advice.

10 hours of online lectures. Just like a classroom course, ready to watch and re-watch at home or on-the-go.

8 full non-specimen practice papers. Perfectly mirroring BMAT past papers give you a wealth of extra tests to complete.

The bestselling Ultimate BMAT Guide is included. Contains an extra of 800 practice questions for you to work on.

Wherever. Whenever. Even on the go.

10 hours of online lectures that you can watch and re-watch to learn key strategies and concepts from our expert BMAT tutors. All of UniAdmissions tutor have scored in the top 10% of the country. Detailed answers to every single past paper question from 2003 onwards, along with model essay plans. Learn time-saving techniquesmaster critical thinking and more.

Written by our Oxbridge BMAT experts to reflect the BMAT syllabus and updated for 2020 to mirror the real exam as closely as possible.

The BMAT Academy course is designed to focus on helping you to gain marks on the toughest sections of the BMAT – this gives you a massive advantage over other students.

Detailed answers to every single past paper question from 2003 onwards, along with model essay plans.

10 hours of online lectures that you can watch and re-watch to learn key strategies and concepts from our expert BMAT tutors.

Get access to our expert tutors 24/7 up until the date of your exam. You are never alone with UniAdmissions.

We’ve helped 1000’s of students just like you to improve their BMAT score with academy courses and expert resources. Read our testimonials so see what they thought!

BMAT 800+ Practice Questions

Critical thinking

Problem solving and Data Analysis

Biology and Chemistry

Maths and Physics

Annotated Essays

In-depth solutions for every single question.

Don’t just get the answer, get the reasons why to understand the concept.

Always updated for the latest test cycle.

UniAdmissions’ courses are always up to date with the latest test specifications.

Time saving tips to gain valuable marks.

We teach you how to beat the clock and gain marks most students won’t.

1. Learn

Watch the HD lectures and learn about the topic in question in-depth. Take notes and listen carefully.

2. Consolidate

Take your notes from the lectures and condense the information into smaller formats. Keep doing this.

3. Practice

Practice some questions and keep in mind the strategies and tips you have noted down and consolidated.

4. Support

If you get stuck, you can contact a BMAT tutor to talk you through the issue with expert guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone who signs up to the BMAT Academy Course gets 8 Full Practice Papers with worked answers and our exclusive bestselling The Ultimate BMAT Guide that contains 800 practice questions. In addition you also get access to Fully Worked Solutions for all past papers. The paperback versions of these books are available for purchase separately here.

You’ll be given access right after you enroll on our Medicine Programme for the course and all resources. You can then work through the materials at your own pace. Everything you need will be emailed to you, but you can always speak to our team if you need assistance.

Throughout the course, you’ll get access to a dedicated BMAT tutor who will be responsible for answering all your questions. If you ever get stuck, they’ll be able to help you. With UniAdmissions you are never alone!

This is completely up to you as it’s all about the pace you like to work at. Most people are able to go through the course in two weeks intensively. You can do it quicker but it’s important to not rush it – take your time and make use of all the available resources to ensure you get the best possible mark.

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