"I was glad I booked with UniAdmissions - the courses were so helpful, I think I would have been pretty lost without them. The programme was laid out in a really clear way so I found it easy to follow."
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Oxbridge Abridged Programme

Triple your chances of getting a place at Oxbridge.

Over 125 Hours Of Study. UniAdmissions will guide you through a comprehensive, tried & tested syllabus that covers all aspects of the application.

Weekly Group Sessions. Enrichment sessions designed to make you the well-rounded applicant Oxbridge admissions tutors are looking for.

Reserved Places On Exclusive Intensive Courses.  Improve rapidly with all the courses relevant to your application, exclusive to our Programme students, taught by Oxbridge tutors.

Comprehensive Oxbridge Application Support

Your Oxbridge Programme will give you expert support through many different avenues of learning.

Group Teaching. Learn in groups with weekly sessions and intensive day-courses.

Intensive Courses. Highly effective one-day courses that cover key components of your application.

Comprehensive Materials. Finely-tuned resources in a range of mediums to help you practice and learn.

Enrichment Supervisions. Develop a deeper understanding of your subject and go beyond your curriculum.

Programme Portal. The Portal is your hub for all of the materials included within your Programme.

Pillars of Programme to Portal to dream offer.
"The programme covered everything about my medicine application. I felt much more confident with UniAdmissions on my side."
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"This programme suited me well; the resources were great and I found the group sessions really interesting! The tutors really know their stuff."
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UniAdmissions' Tried & Tested Formula For Success

We have supported hundreds of students with their Oxbridge applications over the years and have gained a critical understanding of what Oxbridge admissions tutors are looking for. Our syllabus has been designed from the ground up to get you your dream offer.

You will be provided with a carefully chosen reading list that will help demonstrate your interest in your chosen course:

  • Recommended reading list to get a feel for the subject

A strong personal statement lays the foundation for your Oxbridge application. Your Programme will help you, not only write your statement, but ensure you have taken the correct steps to support it in the months beforehand through:

  • A reserved Personal Statement Intensive Course place
  • A Personal Statement Online Course
  • Syllabus Reading List
  • Personal Statement Textbooks

Admissions exams are a vital component of most Oxbridge applications, so scoring highly can mean the difference between an offer or rejection. Your admissions test support will include:

  • A reserved Intensive Course place (if applicable)
  • Online lectures (if applicable)
  • Various UniAdmissions admissions test textbooks (if applicable)
  • Mock papers to practice your revision (if applicable)

The interview is the final stage of your Oxbridge application. As with any skill, interviews can be prepared for to improve your chances of success. UniAdmissions will provide expert interview support through:

  • A reserved place on the Oxbridge Intensive Interview Course
  • The Ultimate Oxbridge Interview guide book
  • Recommended reading list for interview topics

When you book with UniAdmissions, you are never alone. We will offer you specialist support throughout every aspect of your application, including:

  • Weekly group sessions from July onwards
  • A dedicated personal tuition manager for any support you will require
  • 24/7 support access to tutors for any questions or queries
  • An exclusive Exam Success Online Course
  • The Ultimate Guide To Exam Success

Weekly group enrichment sessions

"The enrichment sessions were genuinely so interesting. If you're interested in your subject, these won't even feel like "work"."
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"The day course I attended was a tough day but completely worth it. When they say intensive, they mean intensive!"
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Intensive courses, both on and offline

All the features

What to know what you'll get with your Programme? Here's exactly what will be included.

Group Teaching




Support & Feedback

What Is UniAdmissions' Acceptance Criteria?

Our mission at UniAdmissions is to get every single one of the students we work with each year onto their chosen course at Oxford or Cambridge. In order to do this, we commit a lot of time and resources to each of our students. Because of this, if the student isn’t completely committed to the process, we cannot accept them onto our Programme.

The factors below are the main criteria we assess, amongst other factors that your Admissions Consultant will walk through on your initial consultation.



Whether you have the right academic profile to be realistically considered by Oxford or Cambridge.



Whether you have begun to demonstrate the kind of interest that is looked upon favourably by admissions tutors.



Whether you are approaching your application and admission to Oxbridge for the right reasons.



Applying to Oxbridge takes a significant commitment – if a student can’t commit the time, we can’t work with them.

"I can't thank my tutors enough. I got the Oxford offer I really wanted and I couldn't have done it without them!"
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We work only with the best tutors

We only work with the most driven Oxbridge tutors. They're truly enthusiastic about their given subjects.

63% of students on our Programmes get their Oxbridge place, our tutors help us achieve this.

Our tutors have scored in the top 10% of their admissions cycle - they're the best of the best.

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