UKCAT Verbal Reasoning

The following information about the UKCAT Verbal Reasoning section is taken from The Ultimate UKCAT Guide: 1200 Practice Questions

Section 1 of the UKCAT is the verbal reasoning subtest.  It tests your ability to quickly read a passage, find information that is relevant and then analyse statements related to the passage.  There are 44 questions to answer and the time allowed is 22 minutes, so you have exactly 30 seconds per question.  The idea is that this tests both your language ability and your ability to make decisions, traits which are important in a good doctor.

You are presented with a passage, upon which you answer questions.  Typically, there are 11 separate passages, each with 4 questions about it.  There are two styles of question in section 1, and each requires a slightly different approach.  All questions start with a statement relating to something in the passage.

In the first type of question, you are asked if the statement is true or false based on the passage.  There is also the option to answer “cannot tell”.  Choose “true” if the statement either matches the passage or can be directly inferred from it.  Choose “false” if the statement either contradicts the passage or exaggerates a claim the passage makes to an extent that it becomes untrue.

In the other type of question, you are given a stem and have to select the most appropriate response based on the question.  There is only one right answer – if more than one answer seems appropriate, the task is to choose the best response.  A clear thought process is key to doing well in the UKCAT verbal reasoning section – you will have the opportunity to build that up through the worked examples and practice questions until you’re answering like a pro!