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The Results Are In – UCAT 2021 Interim Scores

The UCAT has published the 2021 provisional results, how do yours compare? For those of you who sat the UCAT at the end of July, it must have seemed like an eternity to finally know how you have fared compared to other candidates. Why else would you be interested in seeing the newly released provisional scores? Have a look!

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2020 UCAT Covid-19 Update

If you are sitting the UCAT in 2020, you’ll be aware that UCAT have been delaying registration and booking dates due to COVID-19.
As of an update on 01/06/20, UCAT have announced that registration and booking for the exam will open on the 1st of July 2020.

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Student Success: Applying To Oxbridge from A State School

Even in 2021, there is a myth that only privately educated students belong at Oxbridge. No matter who you are, the transition from school to university is both exciting and nerve-wracking. For public school students, the prospect of going to university – particularly to a socially accepted ‘good’ university, such as Oxbridge or a Russell Group – has its own set of challenges.

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UCAT vs BMAT: Which one to take?

All UK medical schools now require you to take the UCAT/UKCAT or BMAT. These exams are held in the summer or autumn of the year before the year of entry you are applying for. Most medical applicants usually take both exams or just the UCAT/UKCAT, but which should you choose, or should you go for both?

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