Oxbridge Interview Tuition

Bespoke Expert Individual Tutoring

If you’re looking to maximise your chances for an upcoming Oxford or Cambridge interview, individual tuition is the best option. You will be paired with an expert tutor that studied your subject at oxbridge – giving you valuable insight into the interview process.  Your tutor will go through vital techniques and strategies to answer commonly asked interview questions and focus on your weaknesses to ensure you get that dream offer.

The Ultimate Oxbridge Interview Support

Expert Tutors and the Best Resources Available

Experienced Oxbridge tutors dedicated to perfecting your interview technique

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Ongoing Support

Access to your expert tutor till the day of your interview so you’re never alone or stuck

The Ultimate Oxbridge Interview Guide is a 300+ page book with first hand advice from expert tutors and over 900 past Oxbridge interview questions

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Individual Attention

Dedicated individual teaching that is tailored to your strengths and weaknesses so that you make rapid progress







Preparing for your Sessions

The key difference between private tuition and our intensive courses is that you control the pace and content of the tutorial. This means that it pays to be organised- avoid turning up to the session without having done at least 4 hours of private study in addition to the work set by your tutor from the previous session. Whilst they are happy to cover topics that will undoubtedly be useful, you’ll gain more from the sessions if you come prepared and armed with questions.

These sessions are a two way process and the more you put in- the more you’ll get out. Students who tend to improve the most are also the ones who persistently ask their tutor for focus on their weaknesses, week after week!

Common Questions

  • ``What materials and resources do you provide?``

    You’ll get a copy of our exclusive Oxbridge interviews guide  that contains over 900 previously asked Oxbridge interview questions and is packed with powerful strategies and techniques to help you succeed on interview day.

  • ``Where are the tutorials held?``

    Usually in a location that’s convenient for you and your tutor in Central London. In some cases, it may be possible to have the sessions at your house, depending on your location. If you’re not near these locations, you can get tutoring via Skype. 

  • ``I've had my last tutorial but need still need help``

    Of course! We’re here to support you till your very last interview. Everyone who books individual tuition gets ongoing tutor support until their final interview – even if they use up their sessions beforehand. 

  • ``I'm struggling with one area - can I spend the entire tutorial on it?``

    Absolutely, and we’d encourage you to do so. Make sure you give your tutor enough notice (at least 48 hours) for them to prepare the appropriate materials.

  • ``Can I have a mock interview as part of my tutorial?``

    Yes you can. You’re in charge of what you want to spend the session on – the tutors will have topics to cover but you’ll gain much more if you direct the sessions.

  • ``What dates/times can I book for?``

    If you haven’t had your first session yet, make a booking to start things off. Our staff will first match you with a tutor that is best suited for your needs and call or email you to confirm the time and location of the first tutorial. This is usually done within 48 hours.

    Our tutors work around your timetable and will setup sessions at a mutually convenient time – including evenings and weekends if that’s what’s right for you.

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