How Can I Help my Child’s Oxford Interview Preparation

The night before the interview: How can I help? Regardless of how your child is feeling about preparing for the Oxford interview, there are undoubtedly some basic logistical issues that can be very useful to go over the night before or immediately prior to their trip. These tips are a useful part of preparing for the Oxford interview!

Author: Zayra Morales

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The Night Before the Interview: How can I help?

However your child is feeling about their Oxford interview preparation, there is no doubt that there are some basic logistical issues which can be really useful to run through the night before or immediately in advance of their trip.

As the prospect of the interview itself might be making them feel nervous or distracted, it is worth making sure they don’t forget about the more obvious but easily forgettable points – after all, it happens to the best of us. Looking at these tips is a useful part of their Oxford interview preparation and can really help them to focus on what they have to do as comfortably as possible!

1. Run through the timetable


As your child will have to travel to Oxford and find their way around, make sure they have booked suitable transport on the right day and time! It sounds really obvious, but there is really no harm in grabbing the invitation letter from the college and double checking that they are set to arrive there with plenty of time. Transport can be stressful and amongst all the Oxford interview preparation they are doing they can get lost, literally. It’s would be worthwhile you booking this with them.


As for the interviews themselves, there will be student helpers on hand and all the other college staff on site who are super friendly and will guide your child where they need to go. However, it is worth checking that your child has noted down the times of any interviews they know in advance.


They may not know the exact times yet however, in which case just confirm whether they know how many interviews to expect. For those who have to do interviews at a department or a faculty building (don’t forget to check whether this applies to your child’s course) it can be worth working out the route by foot in advance. Get your child to take a map or save the map of the campus to their phone and write down how long it takes to make sure they make it on time.


2. The Packing List


It may seem really strange for your child to head off to their Oxford, after all that Oxford interview preparation, without knowing how long they will be staying there. Rest assured that most basic amenities including meals will be provided for them.


It would still be good to pack the following:

  • Clothes, toiletries and any personal items such as contact lenses or medication
  • Book(s) – there is quite a bit of waiting time and thus something to help pass the time is always a good idea!
  • Printed copies of their personal statement and/or submitted work if they want to read over it one last minute
  • Chargers and electronics


Don’t forget that your child has also packed suitable clothes for their interview. If they still don’t know what to wear, point them in the right direction. We’ve written an article on what to wear for an Oxford interview which will help too.


For more information on how to prepare your child for their Oxford interview, check out our other articles!  We’ve written down some hints and tips as an Oxford interview preparation guide for parents which might be of interest to you. We also can help out with other aspects of Oxford interview preparation.


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3. Give them a point of contact


Of course, everything is very overwhelming at the time of the interview and as a final piece of Oxford interview preparation, you might want to point them in the right direction for who to ask for help.


There will be student volunteers on hand for the whole team so we suggest that your child asks for their names and how to contact them on arrival. And remember that everyone there is working to give them a good experience after all their hard work and anticipation. Best of luck!

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