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What have past customers said about us?

Here are some of the lovely UniAdmissions reviews previous customers have given us after working with us.


Offers from Cambridge, UCL, Imperial and Cardiff for Medicine.

``I started preparing with UniAdmissions in early June so I had enough time to work through all of the online resources and arrange my sessions and work on the feedback. I found the MMI tuition incredibly helpful and this was something no company could provide.``


Offers from Oxford, King's College and Imperial for Medicine.

``I wanted a thorough preparation period so I began the package with UniAdmissions in September after my summer holidays. Putting my tuition over such a long time frame allowed me to focus on each part of my application properly and make sure they were perfect.``


Offers from Cambridge, Durham and Nottingham for Economics.

``The package helped me so much; one of my tutors, Harini, actually called me on the day of my interview to see how it went. I was so touched that she genuinely cared about how I did!``


Offers from Oxford, Birmingham and Manchester for Law.

``I researched the Law course at Oxford and found that just 14% of applicants are successful; the course seemed perfect for me so I came to UniAdmissions for support. I thought I was well prepared, but it turned out I had a LOT of work to do. I'm glad UniAdmissions were able to help me out!``


Offers from Cambridge, Keele and Southampton for Natural Science.

``The Cambridge Natural Science course has high requirements and is very competitive so I decided to get extra help as I was unfamiliar with the process. The package was comprehensive and took a lot of work, but when I got my offer from Cambridge I know it was all worth it!``


Offers from Oxford, Lancaster and Warwick for Engineering.

``I felt I was in a decent position to apply for Oxford, but I had no idea of the extra admissions tests and gruelling interview process! UniAdmissions were able to support me from start to finish. All of their tutors were amazing, thank you so much for all your help.``


Offers from Cambridge, King’s College and Manchester for Dentistry.

“I thought I was pretty well prepared but without UniAdmissions I honestly don’t think I would have been offered a place!”

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