The following UKCAT Tips are taken from The Ultimate UKCAT Guide: 1200 Practice Questions

Repeat Tough Questions

UKCAT Tip: When checking through answers, pay particular attention to questions you have got wrong.  Look closely through the worked answers in this book until you’re confident you understand the reasoning- then repeat the question later without help, to check you can now do it.  If you use other resources where only the answer is given, have another look at the question and consider showing it to a friend or teacher for their opinion.

Statistics show that without consolidating and reviewing your mistakes, you’re likely to make the same mistakes again. Don’t be a statistic.  Look back over your mistakes and address the cause to make sure you don’t make similar mistakes when it comes to the test.  You should avoid guessing in early practice.  Highlight any questions you struggled with so you can go back and improve.

Positive Marking

UKCAT Tip: When it comes to the test, the marking scheme is only positive – you won’t lose points for wrong answers. You gain a mark for each correct answer and do not gain one for each wrong or unanswered one. Therefore if you aren’t able to answer a question fully, you should guess. Since each question provides you with 3 to 4 possible answers, you have a 33% or 25% chance of guessing correctly – something which is likely to translate to a number of points across the test as a whole.

If you do need to guess, try to make it an educated one.  By giving the question a moment’s thought or making a basic estimation, you may be able to eliminate a couple of options, greatly increasing your chances of a successful guess.