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UKCAT Revision – The Best Techniques


You should start your UKCAT revision by getting a UKCAT practice book, updated for 2018 is best – more questions mean more practice so get the UKCAT book with the most questions!

As recommended, do 2 hours a day for 4-6 weeks with 1 hour on different sections. Alternate this every day.

Note down which questions you get wrong and you will begin to see where your weaknesses are. If you have time, focus on your weak areas with extra practice questions.

Learn the question archetypes and understand how best to approach them e.g. for Verbal Reasoning questions you want to read the answers first then scan the text for keywords. There are time-saving tips like this that can be applied to every archetype.

You should manage your time wisely, both in the test and out. Do some timed runs of UKCAT past papers to get a feel for the time per section and how you stack up against it. If you find yourself struggling for time on certain sections, then work on those sections.

UKCAT Practice Book 2018



Use different resources to best suit your learning style

Some people learn best visually. Others learn better by reading. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for the best preparation or revision style for the UKCAT! You should use the resources which best fit your learning style.

If you are a visual learner, then our Online Course will be the best UKCAT revision option for you because you get 10 hours of lectures that you can watch, re-watch and work through for all the sections of the UKCAT.

If you learn by reading, then our Ultimate UKCAT Guide will be the best option. It has in-depth guides for Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Decision Making and Situational Judgement.

If you learn best by speaking and doing, then our Individual Tuition is the best option. You will be assigned a tutor who fits you perfectly, they are guaranteed to have scored in the top 10% nationally so will ensure a strong performance from you.

Make your practice fit YOU!


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