The following information is taken from  The Ultimate UKCAT Guide: 1200 Practice Questions

Why should I practice for the UKCAT?

If you practice for the UKCAT, you will almost certainly improve your UKCAT score. You are unlikely to be familiar with the style of questions in the abstract reasoning, decision analysis and situational judgment sections of the UKCAT when you first encounter them.  With practice, you’ll become much quicker at interpreting the data and your speed will increase greatly.  Practising UKCAT questions will put you at ease and make you more comfortable with the exam format, and you will learn and hone techniques to improve your accuracy.  This will make you calm and composed on test day, allowing you to perform at your best.

How should I practice for the UKCAT?

Although this obviously depends on your learning style, it can be helpful to split your preparation into two stages. Early on, it’s often best to focus on only one section per day.  Firstly read about the section, then maybe follow through a fully worked example, then try some practice questions, stop and mark them and work out anywhere you’ve gone wrong.  By working on only one section per day, you focus your thoughts and allow yourself to get deeper into understanding the question type you’re working on.  The aim of early preparation is to learn about the test and the question styles.  Don’t worry so much about timing as you do about accuracy and technique. It is a good idea to start on the verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning as these take the greatest amount of time to improve.

Nearer to test day, you’ll need to work on multiple sections per day to help train your thinking to switch quickly from one mode to another.  Start to attempt questions with strict timing.  The aim now is that you’re comfortable in answering the questions, so the next step is to work on exam technique to ensure you know what to expect on the day.  Attempt the online UKCAT Practice questions – although there are not very many of these, they are set out as the computer will be on the day with the official UKCAT calculator, so getting familiar with this is important.

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