Oxford Interview 2018 Guide: How will they use a personal statement?

How do you use the personal statement in the Oxford interview 2018? Firstly, the personal statement is the easiest and most reassuring part of the Oxford 2018 interview to go through. It encapsulates much of the information that tutors know about a candidate so they will ask about it in the interview. It is essential to review the personal statement to be prepared for Oxford interview questions.

Author: Zayra Morales

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How is the personal statement used in the Oxford interview 2018?

First of all, the personal statement is the easiest and most reassuring part of the Oxford interview 2018 that can revised for. It cradles lots of the information that the tutors know about a candidate which is why they will ask about it in the interview.

It is essential to revise the personal statement so that you are ready for the Oxford interview questions. Some questions will ask very niche aspects of the statement from surprising angles, different perspectives, and tricky questions. The best way to prepare for the Oxford interview 2018, and the questions based on the personal statement, is to read around the subject. Additionally, students are advised to collate a combination of material that relates to the information written in the personal statement.


What will they ask about the personal statement?

A common plan of attack from the tutors in an Oxford interview 2018 is to focus in on one area from the statement that was mentioned in passing. For example, if you have mentioned a book you have read on or about your subject make sure you have actually read them! The tutor may present an opinion of the book/author (that they may not even agree with) and ask for a response. This is a very good way to see if you can argue convincingly, with backup information, and in a high-pressure situation. Lead the conversation.

Conversely, they may ask about experiences you have had within your chosen subject. This can be aspects from your work experience, or simply what you studied at A-level in the subject. This may seem like one of those very innocent Oxford interview questions. However, it can be used to your advantage. It proves that you are proactive, that you have read around your subject and that you are eager to learn more.

Further example of Oxford interview questions based around the personal statement, can be found in UniAdmissions’ ultimate Oxbridge interview guide.


The format of personal statement questions in an Oxford interview 2018

Tutors use the personal statement in lots of different ways, and sometimes, they may not use them at all. However, overall, I would say that the tutors tend to use them at the end of the interview, as a sort of summing up and concluding question. However, having said this, the Oxford interview questions may not always be clearly based on your personal statement. Instead, the tutor will expect students to realise that they should answer in tandem with their statement. This proves that they know their statement well and that their knowledge so far of the subject is firm.

One way to strengthen your personal statement is to get it checked over by somebody else (preferably someone who knows the subject inside and out). At UniAdmissions, we provide a specialist personal statement service in which our professionals will proofread and redraft statements that will make your application stand out.


Common mistakes to avoid in an Oxford interview 2018:

Avoid replying to Oxford interview questions on the personal statement by regurgitating what was written word for word. This is highly disappointing and transparent for the tutors. Also, make sure that you read outside of the things mentioned in the statement to demonstrate your eagerness to study and learn!

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