A Review of Dundee Medical School

Dundee medical school is one of the top medical schools in the UK and ranked as the number one medical school in Scotland. It offers dedicated Clinical and Surgical Skills Centres, and excellent graduate prospects. Competition for places and entry standards are also high. But what more does Dundee medical school have to offer?


What are the career prospects?

Dundee medical school places extremely well in national rankings: The Complete University Guide, for example, rated it as the sixth best medical school in the UK for 2019 entry, and the best medical school in Scotland. As a result, its medical students typically perform well in final qualifying exams relative to other UK medical schools and gain access to top foundation placements upon graduation.


Teaching Quality:

Students satisfaction scores for Dundee medical school are also higher than the national average. Dundee’s teaching quality has been rated as having consistently improved over the past six years. Its integrated teaching methods include early contact with patients; the school has notably been given a ‘Gold’ rating by the Teaching Excellence Framework.


Facilities at Dundee Medical School:

The school offers clinical placement at Ninewells Hospital, one of the largest teaching hospitals in Europe. Teaching facilities include purpose-built laboratories, a library, lecture theatres, and IT facilities. Dundee’s unique Clinical Skills Centre features healthcare simulation technologies, which teach students vital clinical consultation skills through recording and feedback from instructors. Its Surgical Skills Centre, meanwhile, has a similar role in terms of surgical teaching, offering virtual reality simulations, and cadaver examination.



Dundee offers guaranteed accommodation to its first-year applicants, at four student residences. Residences are flats with kitchen facilities and a dining area, and typically house between 5-10 students.


Course fees:

UK students who do not live in Scotland paid £9250 per year (2017/18). Scottish residents or EU students who live abroad can receive tuition free of charge at Dundee medical school, subsidised by the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS). Dundee medical school currently charges international students £32,000 per year of study, plus an additional tax of £10,000 per year of study paid to the Government.


Cost of living:

An average student at Dundee medical school has a budget of £937 per month. This includes accommodation, utility bills, transport, and food.


Entry difficulty:

According to a recent review, Dundee has the highest entry standards in the UK. This is perhaps due to the fact that medical education is expensive and requires many years of investment. When choosing a medical school, you need to take into account factors included in the admissions which could help or deter your application. For example, Dundee offers free tuition for Scottish and EU residents which is definitely a bonus! Applicants must sit the UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) and undergo interviews. In 2017/18, Dundee medical school received 1522 applications, gave 598 interviews, and 327 candidates received offers.


Perhaps, you’re wondering where Dundee medical school sits on the league tables. Well, look no further as we’ve put together the medical school rankings for 2019.

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